Breakout Sessions

Descriptions of all breakout sessions available at Called 2 Love are listed below.  Students registering have the ability to select three of the five breakout sessions available.  To sign up for a breakout session, simply select it on your registration form when you sign up for the event. 

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Addicted…So What? – Kendra Diehl

Ever stop to wonder if our brains are actually wired for addiction?  We are, or at least wired to have a consuming focus.  Is that OK?  There are so many outside influences that can hijack our brains and take-over our internal processing centers.  We call this addiction and it is a rampant concern for us today.  In this breakout session we’re going to address what this is, how this happens, and how we can understand our brains so that we can participate with God by being consumed with the love of God.  We can live freely for an audience of ONE.  That changes everything! 

God’s Presence in the Valley – Andrea Paulson

We are not left alone to struggle.  Drawing from personal experience of losing someone to suicide, we'll take an in-depth look at our vulnerability and how God meets us in the valley.  Through worship, God's Word and prayer, youth and leaders will be challenged to consider the nature of God and how the God of Light walks through the darkness with us.  Bring your bible, and prepare your heart to worship! 

*trigger warning: while it won't be the focus of the breakout, depression and suicide will be referenced.)

Our Search for Meaning - Mario Alejandre

Our lives all have meaning and purpose. This breakout session will look at how TV, film, and music all seek to provide answers to ulitmate questions and how we can use these to point to others Jesus. As we follow Him, we can be the kind of friend to others that Jesus is to us. 

Worship by You – Noah Ruppert

Do you love to sing and/or play an instrument in a worship setting?  Have you ever wanted to help lead worship but don’t know where to start, what to say, or how to rehearse a worship team?  In this breakout, we will discuss not only the details of practical worship leading, but we’ll discuss the foundational and most critical component of leading worship: the heart.

You Are Safe Now – Brandon Foster

Ever felt like you’ve got lots of questions or doubts about God, Jesus, and faith stuff but you feel like you don’t know who to ask or what the answer will be?  Maybe it’s because you’re scared of how you’ll be seen.  Maybe it’s because you’re afraid of what you think God is thinking.  Maybe it’s because you’re wondering if your questions and doubts won’t find an answer they’re hoping for. In all these cases, what you don’t feel is safe.  This breakout is designed to help you learn that with God, you are safe. And, there’s a place where you can ask questions.  Because doubt isn’t actually toxic to faith, silence is.

Sex, Lies and Identity Theft – Jennifer Roush

The same lies the enemy spoke in the garden are the ones he uses today. He does not want you to know who you really are, because he is afraid of who God made you to be. The lies athe world tells about sex and sexuality are everywhere and are causing unbelievable damage and pain.  Come hear truth and learn to walk in the freedom and purpose that you were created for.