Convention Business and Voting Delegates

The Annual Gathering also serves as a time for the members of our association to come together for business purposes.  Each year, voting delegates from the congregations who make up LCMC attend the gathering to cast their votes on any business matters that are up for discussion that year.

A voting delegate is an authorized representative of any LCMC congregation eligible to vote on business matters at the convention.  There is a limit of two (2) voting delegates per congregation, unless that congregation's average weekly attendance exceeds 500.  One additional delegate is allowed for each additional 250 in weekly attendance.

What will delegates be voting on?

  • Board of Trustees Elections:  Area 3, Area 5 and Area 6
  • 2017 Budget

More About Board of Trustees Elections

Qualifications & Expectations
There are several important qualifications and expectations to keep in mind when considering a nominee for the LCMC Board of Trustees:

  • Must be willing and able to travel to five (5) meetings per year, in a variety of locations around the U.S.

  • Is able to develop a “big picture” perspective of our association

  • Should have a solid understanding of and commitment to LCMC core values and organizational design

  • Able to discuss and debate

  • Willing to speak the truth, in love

  • Desires to fulfill the Great Commission in our generation

  • Spiritual maturity (should not be a new Christian)

  • Understands the role of a trustee as a guardian of our DNA    

How it Works
Members of the Board of Trustees are each elected for 3 year terms.   LCMC is divided into 7 geographic regions for this purpose only.  Once the election is complete, the geographic region is dissolved. 

Any member of the association can be nominated—either pastor or church member.  There may be a member of the Board of Trustees who is willing to be either re-elected or elected after having fulfilled a term of someone else.  All nominees for each position will be introduced before voting begins.

When it comes time to vote—which will normally take place on day 2 of the gathering/convention--whomever is elected must be elected by at least 50% plus one.  No matter how many people are nominated.  If of those nominated, no one receives the needed percentage, then the caucus can vote on how to proceed.     
Voting is done by secret ballot and allowed only by official delegates to the convention by secret ballot.

Once the election has taken place, the board member overseeing the election will bring the results of the election to the chair of the Board of Trustees.