There are no “LCMC seminaries".  Pastors in LCMC study and prepare for ministry at a variety of existing seminaries and ministry training academies.  The seminaries and training academies listed on this page have a working relationship with LCMC.

Each of the seminaries offer an M.Div. degree consistent with LCMC’s certification requirements. The training academies, and some seminaries, offer certificate programs (please note that a pastoral ministry certificate is not related to LCMC certification nor is it part of the certification process).  Some of these seminaries are externally accredited and some are not. 

If you have questions about preparing for pastoral ministry in LCMC at these or other academies/seminaries, please contact Christian Huntley, LCMC’s Coordinator for Leadership and Pastoral Development, at

To inquire about being listed in our Seminarian Directory, please contact Christian Huntley at or Becky Hand, the LCMC Ministry Board Seminarian Liaison, at  (See: Staff Page and Ministry Board Page)