Information for Seminary Students

It is the responsibility of the congregations to raise seminarians for future ministry in the life of the church.

For your benefit, review the Certification in LCMC document and the Call Packet.

For the sake of communication and collaboration, seminarians are encouraged to identify themselves on our list of seminarians by contacting the seminarian liaison on the Ministry Board, though they are not required to contact our Coordinator for Pastoral Ministry until they are seeking LCMC Certification. LCMC seminarians are encouraged to seek mentorship and learning opportunities through other LCMC congregations and pastors.  The most valuable support for seminarians comes from their congregations and districts. In addition to spiritual and practical support, districts may help students through seminary applications and necessary endorsement paperwork, mentorship and internship, and applying for first call. (see District Directory)

To be listed online in our Seminarian Directory, if you have any seminary requirements which require LCMC endorsement, or for any seminary questions, you may contact the Ministry Board Liaison.  You may contact the LCMC Military Endorser regarding miliatry endorsement. Early in the seminary process, you should notify your seminary that you are in the LCMC candidacy process. Keep all records of your seminary, CPE, internship, or other education documentation and references for you personal presentation when interviewing for call with a congregation. Approximately 6-months prior to your graduation and ordination, contact the LCMC Coordinator for Pastoral Ministry to arrange your certification interview. (see LCMC Staff)

For more information, questions regarding the seminary process, or to add or update your status on the Seminarian Directory, contact the Ministry Board Liaison for Seminarians.

Resources for Seminarians:



Internships are wonderful partnership opportunities for seminarians and congregations. Internships should be 1) intentionally designed for a student’s educational pastoral experience, 2) supervised or mentored by another Lutheran pastor, 3) documented with records and references to be kept by the student. LCMC does not regulate internships. Some districts may provide help with internships. For those seeking to be certified pastors in our association, LCMC requires a one year, full-time internship or its equivalent. Seminarians are strongly encouraged to have an LCMC mentoring pastor who may or may not belong to the same congregation. Seminarians and Congregations contract with each other. Here are some suggestions to include in such a contract: name of mentoring pastor, specific learning opportunities and goals, length of internship, approximate work hours, compensation. Review the Call Packet for more information. Internship opportunities may be listed on the Open Positions page.


Seminarians interested in going directly into a chaplaincy ministry could be called and deployed as a chaplain by an LCMC congregation. LCMC as an association of congregations does not ordain. Congregations do. Therefore the way LCMC handles specialized ministry by a newly graduated seminary student is that that student would be called and ordained in a congregation and then deployed by that congregation to the chaplaincy role. This "deployed" relationship need have no financial or other obligation by the congregation except that the congregation consider the person to be doing ministry in partnership with them, and that the chaplain report to the congregation about the ministry in an agreed upon manner.

Those pastors who already have been ordained and served in ministry can use this "called and deployed" arrangement if they are hired for a chaplaincy position.

Those seeking endorsement for military chaplaincy should check the "LCMC Staff" page on the our website for the LCMC Military Endorser and contact that individual.