Prayers for Pastor Marion Brazell

New Life! Lutheran Church LCMC of Myrtle Beach Pastor Marion Brazell was admitted to Grand Strand Medical Center yesterday morning.  He was experiencing severe pain in his left arm.  In recent months he has experienced several mini strokes or seizures.  He is resting comfortably and undergoing testing.  Please pray for his return to health and guidance for the doctors to pinpoint and find results to that end. [...]

Pray for Peace Lutheran Church, LCMC and Deshler, NE

Urgent prayer request from the congregation I serve as part-time interim pastor: Peace Lutheran Church (LCMC), Deshler NE: Major flooding and damage following a round of tornadoes and rainfall in excess of 10" Wednesday, May 8 2015. South end of Deshler, nearby town of Hebron, and surrounding countryside flooded with bridges washed out and roads impassable. Numerous residences evacuated along with Deshler's nursing home and ... [...]

Please Pray for Our Service to God

Hello, Please pray for: Stirring up the service to God for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Daniel - "..but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24.15 God's will and wisdom for me and my family God's order in my work. Blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses. Thank you. Edmund Krzeminski [...]

Prayer for Healing and Support

Pastor Jaynan Clark’s son Asher had a very serious accident about a week ago and remains in the hospital with brain swelling and several strains of pneumonia. Pr. Jaynan has stated that Asher is at a basic survival level at the time of this writing. Please keep Asher, Pr. Jaynan and her family in prayer for healing and strength at this time. Prayers for miracles. Pr. Jaynan Clark is the pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran in Nine Mile ... [...]

Urgent Prayer Request

Please pray for complete, permanent deliverance very quickly from major abandonment issues, lifelong depression, anxiety and loneliness. Also for exactly the right medication with no side effects. Also, for Greg to make the right decision about a job and home.  [...]

Adam Good

Please pray for Adam Good of Belleville, MI, for his family, and for the hospital doctors as they work to determine what kind of illness he has and how to treat it.  [...]

Looking for Call

Dear Lord, As I serve this interim, please open the next door for a church were my family will be treasured, not tolerated. Plant us in a church open to the Power of the Holy Spirit, ministry to children/youth and outreach oriented. Where my wife can use her musical gifts to bring you glory. I know you will open the door at the right time. Give us peace as we wait on you, knowing those who hope in you will never be disappointed! [...]

Prayer for a Job

Please help me pray to God to destroy any spirit of witch crafting working against my life, destiny and future.  I am a graduate looking for a job here in Nigeria. [...]

Prayers Against Cancer

I was listening to KLOVE on the way in to do my morning swim at the YMCA.  I heard the story about Darlene Zschech and her recent battle with cancer.  It just sort of ticked me off that Satan, through this disease, would attack a very gifted song writer for the Church! We have all prayed for individuals and many times we see people healed and sometimes they are not.  I decided to have my own personal WAR on this disease. I know ... [...]

Unfolding Crisis in South Sudan

Friends and Partners in Ministry,I greet you with great joy in the name of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, whose incarnation we just celebrated as a little child in Bethlehem.  May we continue to cherish His daily presence in our lives through the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and in our looking forward to the complete fulfillment of God’s kingdom at the end of time?  To begin with, I ask for more prayers for the new nation of ... [...]

Prayer for Pr. Susan Westland

We have an urgent request to all who are willing to stand in prayer for one of our people.  Our Pastor, Susan Westland, got a call around 1:00 today that her oldest son, Adrian Wood, in Wahoo, Nebraska, was killed in a tragic car accident.  Pastor and her husband, Rich Westland, are leaving to drive to Nebraska from her home parish, Shepherd of the Falls Lutheran, LCMC, here in American Falls, Idaho.  We also appreciate prayers ... [...]

Relationship Healing/Restoration

Please pray for my girlfriend Angel and I. My girlfriend Angel and I haven't talked to each other in about a week. I am not to sure what is going on with us. We have known each other for about 5 years and have been going out for 5 months. Things were going good between us as far as I knew before Angel moved. After Angel moved I tried to hang out with her at times, but Angel kept telling me that she was busy and didn't have time to see or hang ... [...]

(URGENT) Spiritual Matter/Restoration

Seeking continued prayer for me and my family for spiritual, mental and physical healing and restoration and clarity. We are going through major spiritual difficulties...especially me.  Please ask God would heal and restore what Satan tried to destroy and what I missed God's working. Thank you. [...]


I would love to have the intercessory help from my brothers and sisters in Christ. I am working on planting a church in NE Montana. This is a wonderful community, but as many we know, is filled with darkness. The Harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. We have been meeting for a couple months and will be launching hopefully soon (waiting on God to say go). I need prayer for provision as it is tough to live on the income that the church ... [...]

For Exams

I have a test coming up soon for driving military vehicles. It's a written test, and 2 days later I have a hands-on test.  Please pray that I'll be fully prepared. Pray that I'll sleep deeply the nights before. Pray that I'll be strong, calm and sharp for the tests. Pray that I'll remember clearly everything they taught us, and that I'll be able to answer the test questions correctly, and put everything into practice correctly. ... [...]

A Difficulty

I have a serious difficulty, where I need God’s help.  Please pray for great wisdom in this situation. Pray for God’s favor, God’s leading, God’s provision, God’s help in this situation. It really shouldn’t be as big as it seems—pray that it’ll become much smaller, and that I’ll be able to quickly move on from this, and that God will guide me and help me in the other things I need to ... [...]

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