Hurricaine Sandy and Prayers for Haiti

The LCMC Haiti churches have been experiencing a great deal of difficulty due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy.   
According to,  Hurricane Sandy has claimed at least 67 lives to date, 51 of which have been reported in Haiti.

This morning, meteorologists for The Weather Channel have reported 90 MPH winds for the Category 1 hurricane, which is anticipated to cause storm-surge flooding, destructive winds, low temperatures, snow and a loss of power in many locations across the U.S.
Please take a few moments to extend your prayers to those who have been and will be affected by Hurricane Sandy, particularly our fellow LCMC-ers who reside in Haiti. 

For additional information on the situation in Haiti, please consider reading through the letters below, which were sent to us by pastors Rusty Bailey of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Swea City, IA, Jonathon Kosec of First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Orange Grove Texas, and Emmanuel Julien of Haiti.

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