This page is dedicated to prayer requests from the LCMC Community. If you would like to submit a prayer request for our blog, you may do so by completing our "Add Prayer Request" form, or by the emailing the article to Please keep in mind that all information submitted must be approved by an administrator before it can be considered for publication. en-us Prayers for Family and Friends and for Departed Mon, 16 Jan 17 00:00:00 -0700 Please pray for Richard Wyckoff and his brothers and sister who departed from this life on January 11, 2017.  Richard had down syndrome and lived in group homes since 1960.  Thank you.

Prayer for Vision Thu, 29 Dec 16 00:00:00 -0700 Amazing Grace Lutheran in Paducah, KY is struggling with the vision for the church and how we as a small church can be effective in bringing the word of God to the unchurched.

Prayer for Surgery Wed, 05 Oct 16 00:00:00 -0600 Please pray for Tom in Pennsylvania who is getting an artificial heart on Thursday.

Prayers for Pastor Marion Brazell Mon, 19 Sep 16 00:00:00 -0600 New Life! Lutheran Church LCMC of Myrtle Beach Pastor Marion Brazell was admitted to Grand Strand Medical Center yesterday morning.  He was experiencing severe pain in his left arm.  In recent months he has experienced several mini strokes or seizures.  He is resting comfortably and undergoing testing.  Please pray for his return to health and guidance for the doctors to pinpoint and find results to that end.

Pray for Peace Lutheran Church, LCMC and Deshler, NE Fri, 08 May 15 00:00:00 -0600 Urgent prayer request from the congregation I serve as part-time interim pastor: Peace Lutheran Church (LCMC), Deshler NE:

  • Major flooding and damage following a round of tornadoes and rainfall in excess of 10" Wednesday, May 8 2015.
  • South end of Deshler, nearby town of Hebron, and surrounding countryside flooded with bridges washed out and roads impassable. Numerous residences evacuated along with Deshler's nursing home and assisted living.
  • Recently-planted fields under water, irrigation pivots overturned, farmsteads isolated due to flooded roads.
  • Another round of severe storms anticipated tonight and into the weekend. I live 140 miles to the west and will not be able to get back in there until tomorrow afternoon (getting husband ready for major surgery.)

Reports from congregational president indicate church and parsonage are high and dry, all members accounted for so far.

A decade ago, the community and countryside there were hit by a string of severe tornadoes which took out a good swath of the town of Deshler. People are still rebuilding, and the memories are flooding back.

Please pray for our Lord's presence, mercy, and a spirit of holy perseverance to sustain God's people of Peace and the people and places they serve in Jesus' name.

Prayer for Strengh and Understanding Fri, 31 Oct 14 00:00:00 -0600 My fiancé just broke off our engagement. 

It has been a long road for me to finally trust someone and now he has broken that trust again that I have fought so hard to get back.  Been through so much hurt and pain the last three years, I don't know if I have the strength and faith to see me through another huge hurt... 

Please help me.

Please Pray for Our Service to God Mon, 27 Oct 14 00:00:00 -0600 Hello,

Please pray for:

  1. Stirring up the service to God for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Daniel - "..but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24.15
  2. God's will and wisdom for me and my family
  3. God's order in my work. Blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses.

Thank you.

Edmund Krzeminski

Prayer for Healing and Support Wed, 24 Sep 14 00:00:00 -0600 Pastor Jaynan Clark’s son Asher had a very serious accident about a week ago and remains in the hospital with brain swelling and several strains of pneumonia. Pr. Jaynan has stated that Asher is at a basic survival level at the time of this writing. Please keep Asher, Pr. Jaynan and her family in prayer for healing and strength at this time. Prayers for miracles.

Pr. Jaynan Clark is the pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran in Nine Mile Falls Washington.

Finances to Repair Flood Damage Tue, 27 May 14 00:00:00 -0600 Urgent Prayer Request Mon, 19 May 14 00:00:00 -0600 ]]> Adam Good Fri, 11 Apr 14 00:00:00 -0600 Looking for Call Mon, 07 Apr 14 00:00:00 -0600
As I serve this interim, please open the next door for a church were my family will be treasured, not tolerated. Plant us in a church open to the Power of the Holy Spirit, ministry to children/youth and outreach oriented. Where my wife can use her musical gifts to bring you glory. I know you will open the door at the right time. Give us peace as we wait on you, knowing those who hope in you will never be disappointed!]]>
Oso Landslide Thu, 27 Mar 14 00:00:00 -0600 Prayer for a Job Fri, 14 Mar 14 00:00:00 -0600 Prayers Against Cancer Wed, 12 Feb 14 00:00:00 -0700 Darlene Zschech and her recent battle with cancer.  It just sort of ticked me off that Satan, through this disease, would attack a very gifted song writer for the Church!

We have all prayed for individuals and many times we see people healed and sometimes they are not.  I decided to have my own personal WAR on this disease. I know that God can do something about this.  His word can be spoken and this disease would be gone!  He can work through researchers for their eyes to be opened or simply eliminate it.

I'm asking you to encourage all churches and all Christians to ban together during the lenten season from March 5th to Easter Sunday April 20th to specifically join with me to pray to God, daily and in their services weekly, for a cure or elimination of this disease.

I am going to personally contact as many church bodies in the United States and local congregations to join me in this quest for this Lenten season.

Spread the idea around if you choose to.

Pastor Mark Gerisch
Hope Lutheran Church
Caseville, MI

Pregnancy Tue, 11 Feb 14 00:00:00 -0700 Unfolding Crisis in South Sudan Fri, 03 Jan 14 00:00:00 -0700 I greet you with great joy in the name of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, whose incarnation we just celebrated as a little child in Bethlehem.  May we continue to cherish His daily presence in our lives through the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and in our looking forward to the complete fulfillment of God’s kingdom at the end of time?  

To begin with, I ask for more prayers for the new nation of South Sudan.  Many of you might have watched the unfolding crises that engulfed the new nation for the last two weeks.  On December 15, 2013, heavy fighting erupted among Presidential Guards in the nation’s capital, Juba.  The fighting quickly spread across the city as the Presidential Guards stormed the residence of South Sudan’s former Vice-President of whom the President accused of a failed coup attempt.  The former Vice-President denied the alleged coup attempt an accused the President of using clashes within the Presidential Guard a pretext to eliminate his political rival.  The storming of the Vice-President’s residence was followed by an organized systematic door to door search and killing of one ethnic group from which the former Vice-President hailed.  The United Nations put the death toll of December 15th to 500; but undocumented reports revealed that up to 2,000 may have been massacred in the first two days of the fighting.  Please refer to these video and article links for detail:,

The war has since then spread across the country with heavy fighting reported in Unity, Jonglie and Upper Nile States.  The fighting is still going on in the Upper Nile State Capital, Malakal as of today, December 31, 2013.  Please read this report:,  Malakal is the home of the Lutheran Church of South Sudan’s Head Office and communication with the church leadership on the ground has been cut off.  Many members of the LCSS in Malakal and across the country have taken shelters at United Nations compounds and no words yet on the casualties.

Please pray for the members of the Lutheran Church of South Sudan and of the new nation during this awful and difficult time.  The LCSS has joined other faith communities to denounce the horrifying violence against innocence civilians and calls for immediate secession of hostilities.

The war broke out in the region just days before my return to South Sudan.  I am, therefore, still in the US and will brief the North American Board of Trustees and Advisory Board on the unfolding crisis in the South Sudan on a teleconference.  The date and venue of the conference will soon be made available.

May Christ’s peace and healing presence strengthen us and fill us with hope as we seek to live out His call in humility and love; especially at this difficult time in the history of the infant nation of South Sudan.

I look forward to hearing from you.

In Christ’s Love,

The Rev. Jordan M Long, President
Malakal, South Sudan
US Contacts:
71 Collins St. Unit B
Dubuque, IA 52001
(585) 576-9604
Prayer for Pr. Susan Westland Fri, 03 Jan 14 00:00:00 -0700
Our Pastor, Susan Westland, got a call around 1:00 today that her oldest son, Adrian Wood, in Wahoo, Nebraska, was killed in a tragic car accident. 

Pastor and her husband, Rich Westland, are leaving to drive to Nebraska from her home parish, Shepherd of the Falls Lutheran, LCMC, here in American Falls, Idaho. 

We also appreciate prayers for travel mercy on this long journey to Nebraska.

We are so thankful for the saints coming together in prayer and lifting up this entire family.]]>
Relationship Healing/Restoration Fri, 08 Nov 13 00:00:00 -0700 (URGENT) Spiritual Matter/Restoration Wed, 21 Aug 13 00:00:00 -0600 Provision Tue, 20 Aug 13 00:00:00 -0600
Prayer Requests: The Lord's wisdom and continued guidance, pastoral salary/support, direction, endurance. I am thankful to know that some of you will be praying as His prayers never go away void.
In His name I give thanks and praise!
God Bless you all
For Exams Wed, 14 Aug 13 00:00:00 -0600 I have a test coming up soon for driving military vehicles. It's a written test, and 2 days later I have a hands-on test.
Please pray that I'll be fully prepared. Pray that I'll sleep deeply the nights before. Pray that I'll be strong, calm and sharp for the tests. Pray that I'll remember clearly everything they taught us, and that I'll be able to answer the test questions correctly, and put everything into practice correctly.
Also pray that the Lord will be at the center of my life, that I'll be close to Him and know Him.
A Difficulty Tue, 06 Aug 13 00:00:00 -0600
Please pray for great wisdom in this situation. Pray for God’s favor, God’s leading, God’s provision, God’s help in this situation.

It really shouldn’t be as big as it seems—pray that it’ll become much smaller, and that I’ll be able to quickly move on from this, and that God will guide me and help me in the other things I need to do, since this problem has taken so much of my time.


And pray for wisdom in every area of my life.]]>
Recovery/Surgery on Shoulder Fracture Thu, 01 Aug 13 00:00:00 -0600 Betty Pohland in Paducah, Kentucky is having surgery on her right shoulder/ball and socket because of a fracture. She needs all the prayers and well wishes of the entire LCMC community. It has been three weeks and still no healing of the ball and socket. Please lift her up in prayer and ask God to strengthen the surgeons involved in her case.]]> Recovery from Hip Fracture Tue, 11 Jun 13 00:00:00 -0600 Prayers for Son's Salvation Thu, 30 May 13 00:00:00 -0600 Please pray for Joshua Ericsson Christie, son of Mr. Joseph Christie.  Mr. Christie is concerned about the salvation of his son, as he is currently in a relationship with a woman of who is not of the Christian faith.
Oklahoma City Tornado Tue, 21 May 13 00:00:00 -0600 A powerful EF-4 tornado tore through the Oklahoma City area yesterday, killing at least 51 people and injuring more than 120, according to the Associated Press.   At least 20 of those confirmed to have died were children.
Please remember those from the Oklahoma City area who have been affected by the twister in your prayers.
Those interested in Relief Efforts for this or any other recent natural disaster can find additional information by clicking here.   If your congregation is coordinating a relief effort to help the victims of this or any other natural disaster, please email
Etana Abdissa Debel, Seminary Student Mon, 20 May 13 00:00:00 -0600
A member of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY) and a third-year PhD student at Luther Seminary, he is a Church History major. 

He is married and has two daughters.  He is a full-time student living with his family.

Prior to his coming to Luther Seminary, Etana earned his Bachelor of Theology from Mekane Yesus Seminary, Addis Ababa and Master of Philosophy in Theology from School of Mission and Theology, Stavanger, Norway.  Etana was full time minister of the EECMY.
He served as instructor, Dean and Director of Nekemte Christian Education College from 1997 to 2004.  Due to the need for more national teaching staff at the Mekane Yesus Seminary, Etana was called to a full-time teaching position in February 2004, thereafter appointed to serve as the Dean of Theology at the Mekane Yesus Seminary from July 2004 to June 2008, then continued teaching.  Besides his full-time service, he also contributed to the ministry of the church of God on various capacities.

If you are interested in helping, please contact Pr. Challa Baro via email at]]>
Prayers for Mr. Marc Cox Fri, 17 May 13 00:00:00 -0600 Prayer for a Child Mon, 13 May 13 00:00:00 -0600
Please pray that the Lord will allow my have another healthy baby if it His will, or that the Lord will take away this desire to have another baby. 

I realize it is not very likely since I just turned 43, but if the Lord wills it, it will happen.

Blessings to you.

Thank you.]]>
Employment Fri, 10 May 13 00:00:00 -0600
If you can keep us in your prayers it would be most appreciated.

God's Blessings to you.

In Jesus Name,

Prayer of Agreement Wed, 08 May 13 00:00:00 -0600 Prayer of Agreement that my wife Linda will receive her Federal Income Tax refund Money in her Bank Account by no later than May 19th 2013. We really need this to fix up her car, and her and her sister's vacation trip to KY is the week of May 27th.
Brother Jerome Pierce
West, TX Explosion Thu, 18 Apr 13 00:00:00 -0600 Pray for Gary Haines Wed, 17 Apr 13 00:00:00 -0600 Gary Haines of West Branch, MI and his family in your prayers.  Gary suffered from a stroke earlier today, and is currently in recovery.]]> Explosions at the Boston Marathon Mon, 15 Apr 13 00:00:00 -0600 Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those who were affected by the explosions that occurred at the Boston Marathon this afternoon.
The Associated Press reports two killed, and at least 73 injured after two explosions erupted near the finish line of the prestigious 26.2-mile race. 
Miss Sara Gniewek & Family Mon, 15 Apr 13 00:00:00 -0600 Sara Gniewek of Dearborn Heights, MI, as well as her friends and family, in your prayers.

After struggling with depression and substance abuse for several years, Sara, age 25, passed away last night.  She is survived by her parents and two siblings, Beth and Thomas.
Pray for Josh Psaila, U.S. Navy Fri, 05 Apr 13 00:00:00 -0600 Please keep Josh Psaila and his family in your prayers.  Psaila, a 22 year-old flight engineer for the U.S. Navy who is currently overseas, collapsed this morning from an unknown heart condition.  He is currently in a coma and seeking medical treatment.  He is the father of one boy, Jayden.
Please pray for his healing and recovery.
Pray for Peace & Conflict Resolution Tue, 05 Mar 13 00:00:00 -0700 Pray for Reconciliation in a Marriage Tue, 05 Feb 13 00:00:00 -0700 Please pray for healing and restoration in the marriage of Mrs. G. Nirmala, who is scheduled for divorce this month.

Rev. Dr. Ed Ambrose and Mrs. Jo Ambrose Thu, 17 Jan 13 00:00:00 -0700 Please lift up Ed and Jo Ambrose, members of Shepherd of Valley Lutheran Church, in your prayers.

Jo Ambrose, RN, Parish Nurse

(Spouse of "Rev. Ed" Ambrose) We ask Our Lord to allow Jo to serve her congregants, continually and full time, in spite of her metastasizing cancer until Jesus calls her Home. We thank Him for Jo's grace driven energy.

Ed Ambrose Seeks A Mentor

God willing, may Our Lord inspire an LCMC clergy person to mentor me so that I may be certified/re-ordained as an LCMC pastor.  May God raise up a person living in Phoenix since my driving ability is medically limited....only if this will glorify God and bless His people!
Prayers for a Recently Called Pastor Wed, 02 Jan 13 00:00:00 -0700 First English Lutheran, Bethany Lutheran and Friends in Christ Lutheran of Menahga and Sebeka, MN. For I know that I am your unworthy servant and am only made worthy through your grace.]]> Completion of New Testament Translation Mon, 17 Dec 12 00:00:00 -0700
Please pray for God's strength, wisdom, and protection over the coming months, that the translation will be ready by the target date.]]>
Prayers for a New Church Plant Wed, 12 Dec 12 00:00:00 -0700 Transformation Christ Church, that a God-pleasing sanctuary becomes available to our new LCMC church plant in the Rochester Hills/Lake Orion community. 

A local 7th Day Adventist Church in Lake Orion is currently making a decision in respect to renting their church to Transformation Christ Church.
Prayers for Friends & Family Mon, 03 Dec 12 00:00:00 -0700 The following prayer request was submitted to us by Mrs. Penny Marsell of Spokane Valley, WA:
"Please pray for my friends and family,  Scott Spence, Sue Nervac and Allen Thomas.  Heal them with your kindness and hold them in your arms.
               In Jesus' name,
Prayers for Those Still Affected by Sandy Tue, 06 Nov 12 00:00:00 -0700 The BBC reported yesterday that approximately 1.4 million homes and businesses in New York and New Jersey are still without power or heat a week after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast. 
Damages from the storm have resulted in the destruction and blocking off of many homes and buildings, a high demand for emergency supplies, impaired communication, and even alternative locations to vote in today's election.
According to, another, less intense storm, has been forecasted, and is expected to bring high winds, precipitation, flooding and cool temperatures to the northeast region later in the week.
Please remember to keep those affected by the hurricane in your prayers, now, and in the weeks to come.
Hurricaine Sandy and Prayers for Haiti Mon, 29 Oct 12 00:00:00 -0600 The LCMC Haiti churches have been experiencing a great deal of difficulty due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy.   
According to,  Hurricane Sandy has claimed at least 67 lives to date, 51 of which have been reported in Haiti.

This morning, meteorologists for The Weather Channel have reported 90 MPH winds for the Category 1 hurricane, which is anticipated to cause storm-surge flooding, destructive winds, low temperatures, snow and a loss of power in many locations across the U.S.
Please take a few moments to extend your prayers to those who have been and will be affected by Hurricane Sandy, particularly our fellow LCMC-ers who reside in Haiti. 

For additional information on the situation in Haiti, please consider reading through the letters below, which were sent to us by pastors Rusty Bailey of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Swea City, IA, Jonathon Kosec of First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Orange Grove Texas, and Emmanuel Julien of Haiti.
Prayers for the Family of Pastor Michael McCarthy Thu, 18 Oct 12 00:00:00 -0600

Rev. Michael McCarthy, Pastor of Greenford Lutheran Church, LCMC, Greenford, OH passed away on Monday, October 8, after battling prostate and bone cancer. 

Mr. Dave Blandford of Cincinnati, OH has submitted a prayer request for the family of Pastor Michael McCarthy:

Pastor Michael McCarthy passed away on Monday 10/8/2012. He was the pastor at Greenford Lutheran Church in Columbiana, OH, and formerly was pastor of Lutheran Church of The Redeemer in Charleston, SC, and also at Faith lutheran Church in Little Rock, AR. Please hold his dear wife & two children in your prayers. Michael was 59 years old, and was a very good friend to all. I had the good fortune to grow-up with Mike in Louisville, KY, and he and I were classmates & teammates for many, many years. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for Life and passion for the Lord, Mike ! We will miss you. All you need is Love.

We have also received the following prayer request regarding Rev. Michael McCarthy via email:

Pastor Mike came to Greenford at a time when he was needed most.  The congregation had just completed its second vote to leave ELCA and we were without a pastor.  He and his family relocated from Charleston, SC to come to answer our call.  We knew this day was coming, but it still hurts a great deal.  Mike was ever a warrior for Christ he will be a tough act to follow.  Please pray for our church family at Greenford as we begin the search for a pastor.  Pray that we will grow through our grief and one day be reunited with Michael and all the saints.


Pastor Mike’s obituary can be seen at

Prayers for an Iraq Veteran Wed, 17 Oct 12 00:00:00 -0600 Mr. Leon G. has asked members of the LCMC community to please extend their prayers to his fiance, a military veteran who has served in Iraq. 

She has been having problems managing her PTSD after being attacked while serving.  Consequently, she has started isolating herself and wanting to give up on life and on their relationship.

Please pray for her healing, and for the restoration of their relationship.
Prayers for Guidance Tue, 16 Oct 12 00:00:00 -0600 The following prayer request was submitted via our website by Mr. Veli-Matti Vepsalainen of Finland:
"I ask for guidance.  I have a feeling of "urgent need" to study theology and become a pastor but I don't know where, when or how.  My family and I (wife and soon to be five children) live in Finland and the theological education over here is far removed from the Bible teachings.  I ask that the Lord opens the doors that need to be opened and close those that have no business being opened.  Guide me and my family onto the path that will lead us to the proper school so that I can start the awesome task of tending to Your sheep. "
Please pray for guidance for Mr. Vepsalainen.
Prayer for Healing Mon, 17 Sep 12 00:00:00 -0600 Please extend your prayers for healing to Loran, the father of Ms. Darlene Miller of Bailey, CO.
Loran is an 81 year-old leukemia patient who suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized on Saturday.

A Relationship-Related Prayer Request Mon, 06 Aug 12 00:00:00 -0600 our website by a member of the community.  Please pray for Mr. Krempels, his wife, and their relationship.

For a long time, I've struggled with pornography and lust.  It has greatly affected my marriage. I've been doing better and better for a long time but just 3 weeks ago, I finally gained complete freedom from this struggle.  However, my marriage is ending.  I think this sexual sin has affected my heart and my ability to love my wife properly.  I don't want to lose her.  Please pray that God will restore my heart and help me to love her as He loves her.  Please pray that I can show her that I really can be the husband she deserves.  I know that with God all things are possible but it feels like too much has happened already.  I need prayer very much.  I'm trying to cling to God in this time but it's hard when I\'m on the verge of losing the most important person in my life.
Four Prayers for Healing Thu, 19 Jul 12 00:00:00 -0600 Please extend your prayers to the family and friends of Ms. Doris Kennedy of New Life Lutheran Church in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Healing for James Burke

James (Jimmy) Burke, the nephew of Ms. Kennedy, has been diagnosed with Macrophage-activation syndrome.  Burke, a 33 year-old husband and father of two, has been recently released released from a four month stay in the hospital for home care and physical therapy.  Please extend your prayers to him and his family.

Healing for Irene Cyr

Irene Cyr of Zion Lutheran Church in Manchester, CT has been diagnosed with a form of cancer that has attacked her throat.  Prior to her diagnosis, she has served as caregiver to her mother, husband, two sons and several members of her church.  Please pray that God will ease her suffering.

Healing for Lee Norman

Lee Norman of New Life Lutheran Church in Myrtle Beach, SC has been diagnosed with lung cancer.  He has recently undergone surgery to remove one of his lungs and several ribs as well.  Please extend your prayers to him and his wife.

Healing for Nina Graham

Nina Graham has been suffering from hypoglycemia, job-related stress and depression, in addition to dealing with the health issues of her dog, Pete.  Please pray for her.

Pray for Silverton Lutheran Church Mon, 09 Jul 12 00:00:00 -0600 I am a new pastor to Silverton Lutheran Church of Thief River Falls, MN.  Our congregation is in the process of becoming an LCMC congregation.  We are a small church with an average of 17 people meeting for worship on a Sunday morning.
For the past 25 years, our congregation's attendance has dwindled from 60-80 members down to about 20.
Please pray that God will rekindle the passion to serve Jesus through our community and that the joy of the Holy Spirit will overflow throughout the community of Thief River Falls.
Prayers for Wildfire Victims Mon, 11 Jun 12 00:00:00 -0600 Please keep the family of Yvonne Westphal, Omaha, NE in your prayers.
Her daughter, Susan, and her family were evacuated from their home on Sunday morning as a result of the recent wildfires west of Fort Collins.
For more information on the wildfires, click here.
Prayers for an LCMC Mission Congregation Tue, 29 May 12 00:00:00 -0600 Resurrection Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Western Reserve is a mission congregation of the LCMC.

The congregation is seeking a place to locate a ministry, as well as the financial backing to purchase a building, and has recently submitted a bid to buy a church.
Please keep Resurrection Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Western Reserve in your prayers.
Please Send Prayers to Badger, MN Wed, 23 May 12 00:00:00 -0600 Pastor Amber Bergeron is a brand-new LCMC pastor in Badger MN. She was ordained to serve a two point parish last fall, and graduated from Seminary last week.

Her husband, Jon, has been having problems. Now he is suffering from kidney failure.

Please keep Jon, Amber, their two young children and the congregations in the Badger area in your prayers.

Brandon Thomas Update Wed, 07 Mar 12 00:00:00 -0700 To begin, I would like to thank everybody for all of their support for my family since my brother's cancer diagnosis at the beginning of January.
Brandon Thomas, 18, was officially diagnosed with Burkitts Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma on January 3, 2012.
As Burkitts is a highly aggressive form of cancer, he has been receiving rigorous chemotherapy treatments at the University of Michigan hospital since the time of his diagnosis.
Despite the various unpleasant side effects that chemotherapy has on a patient, Brandon has been able to handle his intense treatment schedule as well as, if not better than, expected.
Throughout the past two months, Brandon has been able to keep his spirits high, his faith strong, and his outlook both positive and determined.
On Monday, March 5, Brandon returned to the hospital for additional treatment and an assessment of his response to his treatment.
The results of his scans are in...
...and they have all come out clear!
According to his test results, there is no more visible cancer left inside his body.
He will still be receiving additional treatment through the next couple of months, in order for the doctors to make sure that it is fully gone.
Please, if you will, continue to pray that things will go smoothly for him throughout the next couple of months, so that he is able to make a full recovery.

Over the past two months, I have been amazed at the amount of support that has been shown for Brandon and for my family. 
More people have been eager to help in this situation, without thinking twice about it, than I ever could have imagined.
To Brandon's doctors and nurses, for treating his cancer, thank you.
To the friends and family who took the time to visit Brandon, drive him to his appointments, or to send him cards and good wishes, thank you.
To the friends, neighbors, co-workers, acquaintances and family members who were generous enough to donate money and raffle items without even thinking twice about it, thank you.
To Mike, for driving me forty-five minutes to the hospital every two weeks, spending your Friday nights sleeping in an uncomfortable hospital chair, quitting smoking, keeping my family in high spirits, and all you've done to take care of both me and Brandon, thank you. 
To everyone who took the time out of their busy schedule to provide emotional support, thank you.
To everyone, LCMC and otherwise, who took the time to pray for Brandon, and for my family, thank you.
And to God.  Thank you.

Prayers for Pr. James and Judy Lindgren Wed, 29 Feb 12 00:00:00 -0700 Please encourage prayers for Pastor James and Judy Lindgren on the occasion of the death of their daughter, Steffanie Lindgren Dahlseng, and unborn grandson, Joshua James.

Steffanie and Joshua were tragically killed in a car accident on February 20, 2012.

James is an LCMC Pastor in Iron Mountain, Michigan.

Steffanie is survived by her spouse, Paul.

No Sympathy, Just Prayers & Encouragement Thu, 05 Jan 12 00:00:00 -0700 I generally try to leave myself out of my writing, particularly when it's being published in a professional setting, but tonight I'm making an exception. 
My younger brother Brandon was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Lymphoma on January 3, 2012 (Tuesday). 
graduationThis kind of news is never easy for anybody to handle, but it came as a complete shock to me that my 18 year-old little brother, with his muscular 6'5" frame, various athletic successes and cheerful, upbeat persona, has cancer.
Not even a year ago, I was sitting in the balcony of the Eastern Michigan University natatorium, cheering him on as he raced his way to victory against competitors from all over the state. 
Growing up, I had to convince him to do almost anything that didn't involve TV or video games, so as I sat in the stands during his senior year watching him accomplish things in swimming that I'd only dreamed of, I was taken aback at the talent and dedication that I saw.
In the four years he attended our high school, he managed to break Boys' Swim Team records, make All-City in swimming several times, and swim Freestyle at the state level.
In the midst of doing this, he also managed to bring home all A's and B's and still maintain some form of a social life. 
I was quite proud of him, to say the least.
So when he was given the diagnosis, the only question I asked was, "how?".
There were no symptoms or warning signs of the disease, nothing that would have suggested how sick he was, until a couple weeks ago, when antibiotics failed to cure what we all, at the time, thought to be Tonsilitis.
His condition was not improving after a few weeks, and so it was determined that he needed to have his tonsils removed.
He had the surgery on December 28, 2011, and his tonsils were sent off to the lab for testing while he stayed home eating popsicles and watching movies.
Three days into the new year, he was called into the doctor's office and given the diagnosis.
He attended his first ever appointment with an oncologist this morning.
In the next few weeks, he will begin receiving intense chemotherapy treatments.
My parents informed me that he only has a 50% chance of recovering from the illness, and that he has already lost eighteen pounds in the past three weeks.
Anyhow, what I think Brandon needs right now, more than anything, is not sympathy, but prayers and words of encouragement.
I think everybody in my family needs that, as do his doctors, for the wisdom to make the correct decisions for him.
So I ask of you, LCMC Community (and anyone else who may be reading this), to please keep Brandon and the rest of my family in your thoughts and prayers in the weeks to come.
Thank you so much.

Prayers for a Wounded Soldier Fri, 23 Sep 11 00:00:00 -0600

Today I received the following letter in regards to PFC Matthew Stubblefield, a nineteen year-old soldier who was injured in Afghanistan several months ago. It was written by his mother, Debbie, who I have been told has been at his side ever since he returned home from overseas.

I am sure that Matt and his family would appreciate your thoughts, prayers, and even visits throughout this difficult time.


Sept 21, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

It has been a few weeks since I have sent an email. Looking back, I think the last email was about Matt's little episode in the ICU and the move to the new Walter Reed Bethesda. We are settling in to our home away from home. The military built very nice 2 bedroom apartments for the wounded warriors and their non-medical attendants. Several people told us that after Labor Day the weather would change. It seems it has. We are having cooler temperatures and rain. I haven't noticed leaves changing colors. I will miss fall in Oregon.

Matt is still inpatient. It has been almost 6 months. Doctors continue to allow him passes out of the hospital. He often spends the days and nights in the "condo", as he calls it. We have thought several times he might be an outpatient, but something keeps coming up. Matt is doing some walking around the "condo" with canes. He went from parallel bars to using a walker to crutches to canes in record time. We aren't surprised! He has great determination. Doctors have run out of options trying to close the open wound in his ankle, so they want to try hyperbaric chamber treatments. The other treatments have not closed the deep part of the wound. Early in Sept we went to Georgetown University Hospital for an assessment with a doctor to see if Matt was a candidate for hyperbaric treatment. They have had great results in healing chronic wounds. Bethesda doesn't have hyperbaric chambers, which is why we have to go to a civilian hospital.

We are working with a new ortho doctor. We had asked you to pray for Dr. Strauss and his mom. A couple of weeks ago she passed away. We haven't heard from Dr. Strauss since he let me know his mom had gone to heaven. Dr. Gordon is our new ortho doctor. He has worked with Dr. Strauss and knows about Matt's case. It is a hard to switch doctors this far along, but everyone says Dr. Gordon is one of the best of the best. In the last two weeks there has been a lot of change and decisions made regarding Matt's treatment. Last Monday Dr. Gordon removed the pins that were in Matt's foot and ankle. This allows the ankle to move. The ankle joint has been in one position for so long, doctors were concerned about the movement he would have. Even though the range of motion isn't much, the doctors are pleased with how much he has. In physical therapy they will continue to work the ankle joint. It's pretty painful. Dr. Gordon's plan for now is a bone graph next Monday, and then, hopefully, Matt will start the hyperbaric chamber treatments on the following Monday. The doctors have been waiting on the bone graph because of the open wound and cross-contamination. Today the wound vac went back on and will stay on for awhile. Also, the wound will be covered during surgery. Matt is on antibiotics to clear up another infection around his pin sites, which needs to be heald by Monday for the surgery. The doctor at Georgetown University told us the benefits of hyperbaric treatment will be to close the wound, promote bone growth and work to clear up infections. There arealso studies showing that hyperbaric treatment works to heal brain injury, PTSD and TBI.

Matt would have started treatment already, but once he starts, they will go for 30 to 40 treatments (to start), five days a week, for about two hours a day. He will spend ninety minutes in the actual chamber for six to eight weeks for this first set of treatments. Originally, he was going to do hyperbaric before the bone graph. After thinking about it, doctors decided the bone graph would be better first, and with the hyperbaric treatment, hopefully Matt can get his exfix off sooner. He will be so glad for that. Another reason he didn't start was because we went to Florida for five days. The doctors thought it would be a good mental health break for Matt. The Warrior Beach Retreat contacted us last June and invited us to come. Dave, Katie, Matt and I were flown to Panama City Beach. We had a great time. All expenses were taken care of. Each wounded warrior family was given a brand new Toyota car to drive for the five days, a beautiful resort was donated for us to stay at, the guys went deep sea fishing (Matt caught three four-foot sharks, Dave caught one, plus lots of fish), Katie and I went to the spa, there was a 21-mile salute for the soldiers as we went to the open ceremony, escorted by the patriot guard and the Bay City Sheriff's Office, and everything we did was donated. There was so much, I don't think I can tell you everything. The opening ceremony had a great tribute to the soldiers. All of them were injured in Iraq or Afghanistan. Their stories touched our hearts. This was the first homecoming these men had since coming home. After being injured, they were unable to go or weren't invited to be part of the homecoming of their units. They felt forgotten. Panama City Beach welcomed them home. Many received healing and closure throughout the weekend. It was awesome to be part of the Warrior Beach Retreat.

Prayer Request:

For the mental and physical healing of all the wounded soldiers and their families, protection for the ones that are still deployed. Pray for the healing of Matt's infection so surgery can be done, that the bone graph surgery will go well, the hyperbaric treatment will close the wound, heal and keep away infection, and take care of any other things that might need healing. At this time, the hyperbaric is the last hope for closing this wound. Six months is a long time for us to be away from home. We are starting to feel it, at home and here. Pray for physical and mental strength. Matt is tired. Pray for wisdom regarding decisions to come home and doctors and places for therapy. Thank you so much for your prayers. Again we appreciate each one of you and thank you for keeping in touch. Praise for God's continual provision, protection, for the retreat, for doctors who care, for your support, for family time and for God's presence.

On a personal note, lately I have found myself focusing on the frustration of being here, dealing with new people, new procedures, tired of this place, hurting for Matt, and being alone. Even though I'm doing daily devotions, lately my concentration wasn't on the word. Often I use my Kindle to read the Bible, but today I was at the apartment, so I picked up my Bible and opened it to read. I don't think I can really explain the peace and happiness that filled me as I turned the familiar pages and read about the hope we have through Jesus Christ. That we are not alone no matter what we are experiencing. In the good times and in the hard times of life God is faithful. He is there in all of it. His word is true. You can struggle through life and your tears fall and you feel like no one sees or cares, or you can cry out to God and He will hold your tears and comfort you. Not one tear will fall that He will not know about. Not one will fall that He will not care about. Even when we make a mess of things, God loves us through it all, helping us to walk through it and deal with our circumstances. He sometimes takes us out of them, but most of the time He walks us through because He loves us enough to let us learn from our experiences and KNOW Him. But He won't leave your side. We may focus our eyes on the circumstances for a time--like I shared--but He is still there. I am praying your heart will turn to the one who gives Peace that surpasses our understanding. He will guard your heart and mind. I am praying for you today.

Psalms 34 says, "I will bless the Lord at all times. His praise will continually be on my lips. My soul will boast in the Lord. Let the afflicted hear and rejoice. Glorify the Lord with me, let us exalt His name together. I sought the Lord and he answered me, He delivered me from all my fears..." Please read the rest today. Trust that God knows what is going on and has not forgotten you. He can bring beauty from the ashes in our lives. Things may never be the same, but He will give you a new normal.

Our new address for now is:

PFC Matthew Stubblefield
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
8901 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, Maryland 20889-5600

Love & Blessings,

Dave and Debbie