LCMC Pastors Connect

Life is hard, being a disciple of Christ in our culture is a challenge, and being a pastor is a dangerous calling. We need others with whom to share our lives, our hopes, dreams, disappointment and frustrations; others who will hold us accountable and help us be faithful servants of Christ who can not only survive but thrive in ministry.

In Pastors Connect, small groups of five to six pastors are able to connect with one another for support and encouragement from anywhere they live or do ministry under the facilitation of a seasoned and trusted LCMC pastor.  Group discussions will take place via video chat once a week, every week, for sixty to ninety minutes, for ten weeks, beginning in January, 2015.  The actual day, time and duration will be determined by each small group.

For our initial roll out, we're limiting enrollment to forty pastors.

If you're interested in signing up or have any questions, please contact Rev. Chris Magnell or Rev. Steve Lien.