St John Lutheran Church

Athol, Kansas, United States


  • Address: 20012 J Road, Athol, Kansas 66932
  • Contact: Karen Cole
  • Phone: 785.476.7617
  • Email:
  • Category: Pastoral Ministry
  • Position Title: Pastor
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Description:

    St John Lutheran Church is an LCMC congregation located in a rural area.  Our Pastor has announced his retirement; therefore, we are looking for a Pastor to fill that vacancy.  Our congregation was formed in 1894. Our average church attendance is 70, with worship service followed by Sunday School and fellowship.  

    We have numerous & wonderful resources:

    • Deep faith in Christ of many of our members.
    • A strong commitment to faithfully worship and to serve Jesus.
    • Excellent stewardship of our money, time and abilities. 
    • Outstanding young people and their youth leadership. 
    • Two women’s Bible Study groups, Men ’s prayer breakfast and Sunday evening Bible Study. 
    • Good Sunday School, Vacation Bible School.
    • A in depth confirmation program.
    • Financially stable
    • Good outreach programs

    We have a ranch style 4-bedroom, 2 bath parsonage on the church property. We updated our church with the latest technology which includes TV screen and sound system for worship.  We are in the process of building on handicapped bathrooms and updating the kitchen.  We will celerbrate our 125th anniversary next year.

    The church is located between two small towns, Kensington and Smith Center.   Each town has excellent school systems.  Smith Center's  new hospital was completed in August 2018,which is a great asset to our rural community.

    Expectations of a Pastor but not limited to:

    • Worship Leadership – Place high value on carefully planned and well-conducted worship service
    • Ministry to youth and young adults -Teach, work and relate well with high school youth and young adults and inspire commitment
    • Evangelism – Reach out with the good News of Jesus the Christ
    • Preaching – Hear both law and gospel as it applies to the lives of people
    • Interpreter of Theology – Communicate a comprehensive understanding of the Bible and Christian theology from a Lutheran perspective
    • Spiritual Discipline – Expect the pastor to maintain a life of prayer and personal devotion that is Spirt lead
    • Be a Christian role model for the community
    • Master of Divinity degree from a credited Lutheran seminary or willing to meet LCMC standards

    St. Johns’ Mission statement: The people of St. John Lutheran Church are called by the Holy Spirit; to hear & proclaim the word of God, to live & share the love of Christ with each other & world, to reach & connect with neighbors in our rural community.

    A comprehensive Church profile, history, constitution and job description will be available to all serious candidates.  Individuals interested in this position should send their resumes to or call 785-476-7617 or 785-695-2394 for further information.  Also you may wish to go to our web site or facebook at St.JohnLutheran,Athol or e-mail our secretary at