Immanuel Lutheran Church

Taylor, Texas, United States


  • Address: PO Box 1355, 401 CR 411, Taylor, Texas 76574
  • Affiliation: LCMC
  • Contact: Phyllis Johnson
  • Phone: 512.924.2328
  • Email:
  • Website: Click Here
  • Category: Pastoral Ministry
  • Sub-Category: Senior Pastor
  • Position Title: Pastor
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Description:



    Position:                      Pastor at Immanuel Lutheran Church (ILC)


    Position Purpose:    The Pastor is to provide spiritual and pastoral leadership to the membership of Immanuel Lutheran church. 


    The Pastor will:  preach and teach the Word of God in accordance with the Holy Scriptures and Lutheran Confessions; administer Holy Baptism and Holy Communion; lead ILC in worship; proclaim the forgiveness of sins; provide pastoral care; offer instruction, confirm, marry, visit the sick and distressed and bury the dead; guide us in reaching out to a growing community; participate in all areas of Immanuel Church fellowship.




    I.  Worship

    • To regularly preach and teach the Word of God and to administer the Sacraments.
    • To plan and lead worship in accord with the Worship Committee of Immanuel Lutheran.
    • To plan and officiate at special services such as baptisms, weddings, funerals, etc.


      II.   Youth/Education

    • To work with the Education Committee and Sunday School leaders in the educational

      needs of the congregation.

    • To provide confirmation instruction to those seeking affirmation of their faith in

      Christ Jesus at Immanuel Lutheran.


      III.  Administration

    • To work in harmony with our council, congregation, and individuals to set goals and

            implement activities to enhance our ministry.

    • To cultivate and maintain a spirit of team-work among church staff, holding regular staff meetings to facilitate communication and coordinate the ministries of the church.  To offer assistance to staff members when circumstances dictate, while respecting the ability and responsibility of the staff to routinely perform their own work.
    • To effectively utilize his or her time to organize the business of the church, to communicate with the office staff, and to abide by the constitution of our church.


    IV.   Stewardship

    • The Pastor should model and encourage good stewardship in the congregation.


      V.   Outreach

    • To work with the Evangelism Committee to lead the congregation in community Evangelism, encouraging new memberships.
    • To greet people before and after church.
    • To contact the visitors that attend a worship service.
    • To visit congregation members, especially those who have become inactive.
    • To be present, active, involved and available in representing our church during church and community activities.








    VI.  General Pastoral Responsibilities

    • To provide short-term counseling as needed to individuals as may be required towards their spiritual wellbeing.
    •  To be available and responsive to crisis situations. 
    • To provide pastoral care to the shut-ins who are unable to attend church through visitation, counseling, communion, and prayer.


      VII.   Desired Personal Characteristics

    • To have a sure and confident faith in God our Father through Jesus Christ.
    • Be passionate, energetic, and approachable.
    • To be a team worker offering leadership and encouragement to further the mission and vision of ministry for Immanuel Lutheran Church.
    • Actively explore new avenues for encouraging discipleship among all age groups.
    • Desire to grow and learn by seeking out and applying new ideas from reading, studying and talking with others.


      Working Conditions


      The congregation expects its pastor to have a commitment of availability both to the regular duties of church operations and the special needs of its members and shall maintain a regular visitation schedule with the members.  The Pastor should keep regular office hours (presently Tue.-Fri., 9 am - 12 noon) for accessibility to members of the congregation and for regular communication with members of the church staff.



      Immanuel Lutheran Congregational Profile

      November 14, 2017

      Part 1 – Congregational Information

      Name of Congregation: Immanuel Lutheran Church (ILC)

      Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1355

      Church Address: 411 CR 401

      Taylor, TX 76574

      Office Phone: 512-365-9494


      Wep page:

      Contact information: Phyllis Johnson, Call Committee member

      380 CR 420

      Taylor, TX 76574

      512-924-2328 cell

      512-352-2954 home

      Location: Immanuel Lutheran Church is a small country church located in a high growth area

      30 miles northeast of Austin, Texas. Surrounded by farms and ranches, Taylor has a

      population of approximately 16,000 people. Located in Williamson County which is one of the

      fastest growing counties in the United States, Taylor will soon be surrounded by urban sprawl.

      Taylor High School is nearby and several large subdivisions are coming soon.

      Organized on January 1, 1888, Immanuel Lutheran is one of the oldest Lutheran

      congregations in Williamson County. The first house of worship was dedicated on June 17,

      1894. This sanctuary was destroyed by fire on January 1, 1916 and a new sanctuary was

      dedicated to the glory of God in August 1916.

      In 1949, the old Yakey school was purchased and added to the church building as

      “The Annex”. Stained glass windows were also added to the annex and church in the 1980's.

      A Sunday School building was built in the 1980's.

      The church property and cemetery consists of approximately 8 acres which include 1.5 acres

      that was purchased in 2014 for parking and future growth. The cemetery is operated by the

      Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery Association.

      Important events in the history of Immanuel:

      • 1995: Historical Marker placed on the church property

      • 2010: Congregation voted to join LCMC

      • 2013: Congregation celebrated 125th anniversary

      • 2015: Multi-use fellowship building built and dedicated

      • 2016: New children's playscape was built

      • 2017: Sanctuary and annex updated and remodeled.

      Congregational demographics:

      • Children (ages 1-13) 25

      • Youth : 3

      • Active Adult Members ages 20-39: 19

      • Active Adult Members ages 40-59: 16

      • Active Adult Members ages 60 and up: 45

      • Shut-ins: 4

      • Inactive members: 19

      • Visitors: variable

      Sunday Worship Attendance: 45-55

      Total members: 127

      Part 2 – Ministry Practices, Structure, and Future

      Mission statement:

      “We are called to preach and teach God's unchanging Word to a changing world”.

      Services and Sunday School

      Our worship services and Sunday School are multi-generational, involving members of all

      ages in music, reading and serving.

      • Sunday School for children and adults begins at 9:15 AM

      • Worship begins at 10:30 AM each Sunday.

      • 1st and 3rd Sundays are traditional worship services with Holy Communion

      • 2nd and 4th Sundays are Praise and Worship services

      • “Celebration” and “With One Voice” hymnals are used for traditional, praise, and gospel


      • Several times a year ILC enjoys special music services. There is an Immanuel Worship

      Band which accompanies songs with styles such as polka, western, jazz, and Polynesian.

      • Confirmation classes are held for youth and adults seeking affirmation of their faith in

      Jesus Christ at Immanuel.


      Evangelism, Special Ministries, Community Involvement, Partnerships

      • Since 2008 members of ILC have led other churches within the community in

      staging a live Nativity, “A Pilgrimage to Bethlehem”. This event has grown each

      year with approximately 140 actors from at least 12 area congregations and close to 1000

      guests each year. Food and monetary donations are accepted at this event and donated to

      food pantries in Taylor and Hutto.

      • Immanuel sponsors Vacation Bible School each year for members and children in the

      community. Mega Sports camp has become very popular.

      • ILC has ministries for the elderly that include weekly devotions, Bible study and crafts.

      • WOW, Women of the Word, provides food for funeral receptions, purchases

      miscellaneous items for the buildings, and serves in various other ways.

      • ILC Sunday School participates in Samaritan's Purse Operation Shoe Box each year.

      • There is an Easter Sunrise Service followed by a breakfast and Easter egg hunt.

      • ILC provides financial assistance for children in the congregation to attend summer camp.

      • Adults and children work at Shepherd's Heart Food Pantry twice each year.

      • The Sunday School collects “noisy offering” several times each month to purchase items

      such as socks, backpacks, and other items for the Salvation Army as well as for other

      charities the kids are interested in.

      • The youth attend Spirit Fest each year which is a huge Christian music festival.

      • Members and children provide and deliver Thanksgiving meals to member shut-ins.

      • The Sunday School goes Christmas caroling at local nursing homes each year.

      • The Sunday School participates in Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child –

      Shoebox project every year.

      • Through a Focus Giving Team ILC tithes 10% of all income to various charities and

      organizations each month. Sometimes the amount goes to individuals needing special


      • Recently members have donated items, time and effort in helping hurricane victims.

      Congregation: Present Staffing:

      • Paid positions: Intentional Interim Pastor, Secretary, Treasurer, Keyboardist

      • Contract positions: Cleaning, grounds

      • Volunteer positions: Church Council, Sunday School teachers, WOW ladies,

      ushers, lectors, choir, altar guild, standing committee members.

      Standing committees:

      • Stewardship/Finance

      • Christian Education

      • Property

      • Worship

      • Mission

      • Evangelism

      • Cemetery Association

      Congregation's Strengths and Needs:

      • Four generations of families worship together at ILC. Immanuel is a warm,

      welcoming, friendly, open and supportive group of people that work well together.

      We meet on Sunday morning to hear the word of God, and to enjoy a meaningful

      time of fellowship.

      • We want to explore new avenues for fellowship and sharing the word of God among

      members, guests, and in the community. We want to enhance and expand the children and

      youth ministry opportunities at ILC and reach out to newcomers in the area.

      • With the projected growth predicted for our area we want and need a shepherd to lead

      us in discipleship, evangelism, and sharing the word of God with members and newcomers

      and who will lead us into the future as a community church where all are welcome.

      • Although we are not a large congregation we are financially secure and prepared to

      offer a satisfactory salary/benefits package to our new pastor.

      Pastoral skills that we feel will best serve the Lord in this particular setting:

      • Biblically, spiritually grounded

      • Evangelical

      • Joyful and Welcoming

      • Innovative Leader

      • Relates to all ages

      • Hands on, caring, compassionate

      • Strong family values

      • Strong in children's/youth ministries

      • Lead in spiritual growth