Our Saviour's Lutheran Church

Cathlamet, Washington, United States


  • Address: 549 State Route 409, Cathlamet, Washington 98612
  • Affiliation: LCMC
  • Contact: Gene Healy
  • Phone: 360.849.4411
  • Email: islandvette05@gmail.com
  • Category: Pastoral Ministry
  • Position Title: Pastor
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Description:

    The Community

    Deep green forests, wide sandy beaches, bucolic farms and charming small towns—that is Wahkiakum County, but most of all, it is the Columbia River that defines this place. It is a quiet place filled with recreational and lifestyle amenities such as boating, wildlife viewing, cycling, kayaking, hunting, fishing, hiking, antique shopping, microbrews and more.

    Wahkiakum County is the third smallest Washington county with a population of 4,000 and pervasive small-town feel. Cathlamet is the county seat, with about 1,000 residents, a vibrant Main Street, hilltop homes overlooking the river, and the last freshwater marina on the Columbia before it meets the Pacific Ocean 25 miles away. Puget Island, where the church is located, is a farming, fishing, birding and cycling landscape connected to Cathlamet by a bridge and to Oregon by the last remaining ferry on the Lower Columbia.

    History of Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church

    The first services of Lutherans on Puget Island were held in a home school building.  A survey of these believers taken in 1927 revealed they were affiliated with the Norwegian Lutheran Church in America.

    Our Church Governance

    The Church Council is the governing body of the congregation. The council consists of the pastor and six voting members who are elected for a three-year term. 

    Who We Are

    Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church is best described as a small, rural, older congregation with deep ties in the community.  When a full-time minster is present, average service attendance is around 46 persons; special services would see around 62 persons in attendance.

    A typical Sunday service follows the pattern of a traditional service.  Materials found in the Red Book and the work of the pastor loosely guide the liturgy of the service.  Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church is strongly connected to its Lutheran affiliation and traditional services.

    Church property includes the church building and adjacent parsonage. 



    The Pastor Who Best Fits Our Congregation 

    The Pastor who best fits our congregation will share a similar sense of belonging that the congregation feels about their community and their church.  Overwhelmingly, Our Saviour’s Lutheran church wants a pastor who likes living in their beautiful setting and genuinely chooses to be involved in the community.

    From a recent survey, the congregation desires most a trustworthy pastor who preaches well.  The congregation wants clear and well-paced spoken Biblical messages that have application to everyday life.  

    The next pastor for Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church will make a priority of shepherding the church with care, wisely understanding the value of home and hospital visitations for the church and community.  

    Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church understands its next pastor will need to be adept in leading the church in guest attraction and retention, evangelism, and the building of the fellowship.  The future of a Lutheran expression of Christianity in the community depends on it.

    The requirements for the pastor position include an advanced degree from an accredited seminary.

    A comprehensive Church Profile and Job Description will be available to all serious candidates.