Zion German Evangelical Lutheran Church

Brooklyn, New York, United States


  • Address: 125 Henry Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201
  • Affiliation: LCMC
  • Contact: Fred Hansen
  • Phone: 917.680.3942
  • Email: fredh3167@gmail.com
  • Website: Click Here
  • Category: Pastoral Ministry
  • Sub-Category: Senior Pastor
  • Position Title: Pastor
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Description:

    Zion German Evangelical Lutheran Church, a small but active congregation in Brooklyn Heights, seeks to call an ordained pastor to provide spiritual and pastoral leadership to our members. The congregation seeks a pastor who can address the spiritual and pastoral needs of its traditional German congregation members, as well as the challenges of growing the congregation, and addressing the same needs of those who may become new members in the contemporary urban center of New York City and Brooklyn.

    The pastor should have all the spiritual qualifications of those and elder, (See, e.g., 1 Tim 3:1-3; Titus 1:5-9) and a commitment to the word of God, and to be willing to undertake the challenges of the Great Commission in New York City to build the congregation. (See, e.g., 1 Peter 5: 1-4)

    To meet the needs of the congregation the pastor must be fluent in German as well as English, and be willing and qualified to provide primary leadership in the church in accord with the will of God to achieve this mission. The pastor will also be responsible for the traditional work of the pastorate and addressing the needs of the congregation and those who may become members.

    The following constitute the major responsibilities of the Pastor:


    • Regularly preach and conduct worship at weekly German and English services and administer the Sacraments in the congregation
    • Develop a strong program to strengthen the congregation’s understanding of the Word of God through bible study and similar educational efforts
    • Develop strong disciples for Christ and provide pastoral counseling in times of crisis and minister to the sick, dying, and bereaved
    • Conduct weddings and funerals, providing appropriate preparation and support
    • Visitation of the home-bound as necessary
    • Work closely with our organist and soloist to integrate music into worship and other areas of the congregation
    • Conduct special services outside our congregation as required


    • Work with Church Council and congregation to enact Christ-centered ministries that reach out to inactive and/or unchurched and new residents in our community.
    • Promote and attend church functions and educate visitors on the mission and community within our church
    • Grow membership and encourage assimilation of new members into the congregation
    • Encourage all organizations, committees and church groups within the congregation to continue their missions
    • Oversee the administration and management of all areas of the congregation’s ministry in consultation with the Church Council and appropriate boards, committees and staff.
    • Attend monthly Church Council meetings and planning sessions of the other various organizations


    General Responsibilities

    • Oversee the administration and management of all areas of the congregation’s ministry in consultation with the Church Council and appropriate boards, committees and staff.
    • Engage regularly in continuing education and professional development through professional affiliations and conferences

    Working Conditions

    • The position requires great flexibility in hours available for work, including evenings, weekends, and holidays; the Pastor should maintain regular office hours and be accessible to congregation members and church staff
    • Housing provided; other benefits offered furnished upon request


    Minimum Qualifications

    • M.Div. degree and ordination
    • Demonstrated competences in preaching, leadership, and teaching
    • Fluency in German


    How to Apply:

    Send a short cover letter expressing your interest and qualifications, your resume/CV (with languages spoken and proficiency), two references, and a personal statement (of no more than two pages) outlining how you would approach serving the congregation based on the responsibilities and congregational needs set forth above to: fredh3167@gmail.com Attn: Fred Hansen, Council President.


    NOTE: application review commences 31 March 2017 and will continue until a new Pastor is chosen.