Victory Lutheran Church

Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

Associate Clergyperson

  • Address: 2793 Southview Dr SE, Medicine Hat, Alberta T1B 2H1
  • Affiliation: LCMC
  • Contact: Jan Olechowski
  • Phone: 403.502.5631
  • Email:
  • Website: Click Here
  • Category: Pastoral Ministry
  • Sub-Category: Associate Pastor
  • Position Title: Associate Clergyperson
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Description:

    Victory Lutheran Church

    2793 Southview Drive SE, Medicine Hat, AB, T1B 2H1, 403-527-5617


    Associate Clergyperson

    Position Description


    The role of the Associate Clergyperson is to assist the Senior Clergyperson and the Church Council in overseeing the life and direction of the church.  The Associate Clergyperson will assist in determining the purpose, values and strategy of the church, as well as assisting in pastoral leadership. The Associate Clergyperson reports to the Senior Clergyperson who is responsible to the Church Council.


    Key Responsibilities

    • Preaching and teaching:  While the Senior Clergyperson will be the primary preacher for Sunday worship services, the Associate Clergyperson will be expected to preach on a regular basis.  The Associate Clergyperson will assist in preaching, teaching, administering the sacraments as well as other rites of the church. It is our policy for weddings and funerals that whoever is asked to perform these ceremonies is considered the officiant and will receive any remuneration offered. The Associate Clergyperson also will provide leadership in planning and executing the Adult Education programs and other programs in discipleship and ministry training, in coordination with other ordained and lay leaders.
    • Staff supervision and development:  The Associate Clergyperson serves as Director especially to lay staff and lay volunteers in the area of children, youth and family and spiritual formation and leads, evaluates, and mentors existing staff in their respective areas of ministry by:
      • Overseeing staff training and development.
      • Assisting with the recruitment and retention of staff and prioritizing staff additions with consultation and guidance from Church Council. Working with the Church Council to review and make staff recommendations.
      • Providing leadership to the staff in the design and implementation of church ministries.
      • Maintaining efficient and effective lines of communication between the Senior Clergyperson, Staff and Council.
    • Visitation:  The Associate Clergyperson, in consultation with the Senior Clergyperson, will conduct hospital visitation, shut-in calls, and the conducting of services in nursing homes.
    • Team Player:  The Associate Clergyperson is expected to work closely with the Senior Clergyperson, Church Council and lay members in providing a unified vision and ministry to the congregation.


    Position Overview


    The Associate Clergyperson of Victory Lutheran Church is responsible for providing leadership and oversight of the church in coordination with the Senior Clergyperson.  With God’s help, they will assist the Senior Clergyperson in communicating the vision to lead the church forward in fulfilling God’s purpose.  They are expected to contribute to the team spirit of the staff through fellowship, encouragement, cooperation, prayer support and other appropriate ways, as they serve the Lord Jesus Christ.



    The compensation package will be established by the Church Council and approved in the budget.



    The Associate Clergyperson will support the ministry of Victory Lutheran by being attentive to the spiritual direction of the church. The Associate Clergyperson will also support the ministry by upholding the highest level of moral integrity in their personal life and ministry and by faithful required attendance of church services. The Associate Clergyperson will receive the support and prayer of the councillors and the congregation; “The God of Israel gives strength and power to his people. Praise be to God.” Psalm 68:35b



    • A condition of employment is providing a clear Criminal Record Check and clear Child Intervention Record Check. It is the expectation that any future pending criminal charges or child intervention shall be immediately disclosed to the Senior Clergyperson and Council Chair should that occur.


    • To lead the church in being a praying church. To call for corporate prayer times and prayer and fasting times, to see that prayer is made for all people and places. (1Peter 4:7).


    • Provide for the overall health, unity, and welfare of the church.


    • To be one of the primary preachers of the Word of God.  This shall be done with love, faithfulness, impartiality and fearfulness, knowing that they will be held accountable for the welfare of the flock. (Hebrews 13:17)


    • Ensure that Bible teaching is a primary function of the church.


    • To conduct weddings and funerals and ensure that related counseling is done.


    • To administer Holy Communion and conduct baptisms, if ordained.


    • To work to facilitate peace among members of the staff and congregation; to seek to win back the estranged and to reconcile those with broken relationships, particularly when such conflict threatens the welfare of the church.


    • To work with the Senior Clergyperson, Councillors and Staff to develop new ministries and help with the overseeing of the current ministries.


    • The position of Associate Clergyperson is not a guarantee of succession for the position of Senior Clergyperson should that position become available.



    • Assist others in providing spiritual accountability and leadership to volunteer leaders in the church.


    • Meet as needed with the team under their direction to provide support, encouragement, training, accountability and direction for their ministries.


    • Other duties as directed by the Senior Clergyperson and Church Council for the enrichment of the staff.



    The Associate Clergyperson will attend scheduled meetings of the Council and report on ministry accomplishments and activities. The Senior Clergyperson and a member of the Council will conduct a performance evaluation after the first three months of employment and annually thereafter.


    For more information or to apply, please contact Jan Olechowski, Chair of the Call Committee, at