Official Clergy Entry Process

Welcome! We appreciate your interest in finding out more about pastoral ministry in Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC). We thank the Lord for calling men and women to the ministry of Word and Sacrament. As you consider certification as a LCMC pastor, we pray that our gracious God will bless you with wisdom and discernment. We encourage your prayerful consideration of the Lord’s calling on your life and ministry.

In LCMC we have intentionally chosen to live on the freedom side of the organizational continuum rather than the control side. Being “rostered” in LCMC means something different than in most mainline denominations.

Inclusion on the Certified and/or Seeking Call lists requires checking academic credentials, discussion of one’s history, faith commitment, and “fit” within LCMC. Thorough background checks are the responsibility of the congregations or calling agencies. The process for calling a pastor or a pastor receiving a call is carried out entirely between the congregation and the candidates. No third party controls or assists the process. We have chosen the path of freedom and open processes that are based more on trust than mistrust.