Networking & Funding for Church Plants


Interested in connecting with an already existing mission congregation? Click here to find contact information and get in touch with a mission congregation near you.  For further information and networking opportunities, contact Rev. Dan Clites, LCMC Coordinator for Church Planting Development. 


Funding New Church Starts

No matter what model is used for planting (see "Church Planting Models" for information on planting models), funding is always needed and appreciated while the new congregation grows towards financial independence.

Here are two ways existing congregations can help in the financial sponsorship of LCMC plants:

  1. Begin setting funding aside, even a little bit each month, and ear-mark it for church planting.  Money follows mission, so clearly and consistently articulate the compelling missional reasons for planting.  People want to give to winning causes, and winning people to Christ is our cause!  We have a God of abundance, so we are not to be people of scarcity!
  2. Begin enjoying the freedom to decide how to use the funding.  Will it be invested into a local LCMC Church Plant?  Or, will you team-up with other LCMC churches to plant churches in your state or region?  Either way, its more fun when several churches share in the burden AND in the success of developing a family mission tree!  Please start laboring on this today by connecting with your neighboring LCMC congregations.

NOTE:  During Stage-2 Developing Training, the planter and launch team members will be trained in how to raise funding before and during the launch time.