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On July 1, the Institute of Lutheran Theology (ILT) set aside three of its staff for theological education programs in the developing world. This pioneering work is called International Partners (IP). It is building on the success of ILT’s International Educational Ministries, but the work ahead is such that this separation will help ILT to focus on its particular mission and allow these staff people be dedicated solely to listening and working with Lutheran leaders in Africa and Asia and then translating that mission back to our North American partners.

Only certain churches and individuals have a vision for global mission large enough to grasp the opportunity and needs of the young churches around the globe, and we hope that is you. We also hope you can grasp the significance of what we are announcing.

In 2015 we launched international education as part of the mission of Educational Ministries, our certificate program. Beginning with South Sudan, then India, followed by Southeast Asia, ILT began to help seminaries and young national churches in developing countries to train pastors and church workers. We have been invited to work with churches in more countries in Africa and Asia and will do so once we have more individuals and churches to partner with us.

International Partners’ mission is to address growing demand for international education and connect with sponsors who envision a faithful, growing, global Lutheran church.

  • Create curriculum to train their pastors, evangelists, and church workers

  • Train and credential seminary faculty of partner international seminaries

  • Train international students currently in North America

  • Encourage collaboration between mission groups and cultivate support for partner projects

We believe the future growth of the Lutheran Church in the long term is in Africa and Asia. We invite you to partner with us in this vision.

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