Eastern European Mission Network

East European Missions Network is currently serving in Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, and Ukraine.

Founded in 1992, following the fall of communism, EEMN is a conservative, evangelical, pan-Lutheran – but first and foremost – Christian mission organization that connects partners with indigenous Christians living in former communist and Soviet bloc nations. Our primary passion is twofold: Engaging in the Gospel with people who have never encountered the saving grace, love, and mercy of God in Christ Jesus; and connecting North American and international ministries to teach and equip a new generation of leaders committed to building authentic communities in Christ. 

Because of the 400+ year physical presence of the Lutheran Church in East Europe, Russia, and the Balkans EEMN is uniquely poised to network with the remnant of indigenous co-workers in ministry from the historical Lutheran Church. We do recognize the strength in an ecumenical witness of our life in Jesus Christ and so we also collaborate with Christians from other conservative traditions. The goal is Engaging, Reclaiming, and Transforming Every Life in Christ!

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