Centershot Ministries

Did you know “sin” is an archery term?  It means, “to miss the mark.”  Centershot Ministries targets the entire family on “hitting the mark” — Jesus Christ.

Centershot is a non-denominational discipleship program that combines the Gospel with Olympic-style target archery to connect families to the local church.

The purpose of Centershot is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the local church.  You see at Centershot we believe the local church is God’s best plan on earth to spread the Gospel message.   The heart of Centershot is helping local churches touch the lives of the very people that live within their communities.

Since its inception in 2005, Centershot Ministries has been introduced in 47 states and 18 foreign countries.  More than 3000 churches, camps, outdoor ministries and missionaries are using the Centershot program to reach families for the Kingdom of God.  Thousands of families are connecting with their local church and are being introduced to the saving Grace found in Jesus Christ.  

Together, your church and Centershot can help your community "Make Christ the Target of their Lives!" 

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