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Thank you for your interest in joining Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ.  Keep reading to learn more about membership in our association and to obtain the appropriate application form.  

Joining LCMC

Congregations join Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ by taking a vote to do so by any means appropriate to the congregation.  After voting to join, complete the Congregational Membership Form and submit it to our office.  Membership applications shall be subject to acceptance by the LCMC Board of Trustees.  Once an application has been approved, the congregation will be listed in our Congregational Directory.  For more information on congregational membership in LCMC, click here

Church Plants & Mission Congregations

Information on Church Planting can be found on our Church Planting page, located underneath "Church Life" on the main menu of our website.  For networking information and to receive additional information gathered regarding Church Plants, contact Rev. Dan Clites, LCMC Coordinator for New Ministry Development.

A task force to compile information and possible options for church planting, to aid in fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission, was begun at the LCMC 2008 Convention.

The Mission Loan Fund is organized by the LCMC- Lutheran Men. 

In LCMC, we have intentionally chosen to live on the freedom side of the organizational continuum rather than the control side. Being “rostered” in LCMC means something different than in most mainline denominations.  Inclusion on the Certified and/or Seeking Call lists requires checking academic credentials, discussion of one’s history, faith commitment, and “fit” within LCMC. Thorough background checks are the responsibility of the congregations or calling agencies. The process for calling a pastor or a pastor receiving a call is carried out entirely between the congregation and the candidates. No third party controls or assists the process. We have chosen the path of freedom and open processes that are based more on trust than mistrust.

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It is the responsibility of the congregations to raise seminarians for future ministry in the life of the church.  Seminarians are encouraged to contact the seminarian liaison from the Ministry Board (current representative listed elsewhere under Board and Staff) in order to be listed as an LCMC seminarian and to be invited to our annual all-seminarian retreat.  LCMC seminarians are encouraged to seek mentorship and learning opportunities through other LCMC congregations and pastors.  The most valuable support for seminarians comes from their congregations and districts.  In addition to spiritual and practical support, districts may help students through seminary applications and necessary endorsement paperwork, mentorship and internship, and applying for first call.

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Those who would like to join LCMC as an Associate Member, rather than as a pastor or as part of a congregation, may do so by completing the Associate Membership Form