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You can learn more and get in touch with the LCMC Lutheran Men in one of the following ways:

Are you interested in starting a chapter of the LCMC Lutheran Men in your church?   Here are some resources to help get you started:

The Lutheran Men have prepared several Bulletin Inserts that you can use for campaigns in your congregation. Feel free to use any or all of them throughout the year.  The pdf documents below require Adobe Acrobat to read.

The LCMC-LM Gift Fund is a fund that supports an LCMC mission congregation by an outright gift to the congregation.  Apply Here  >>

The purpose of LCMC-Lutheran Men is to worship God through the Mission Loan Fund and the Mission Gift Fund. Want to start a Men's Group in your congregation? See our tips for getting started.

To purchase LCMC Men's caps, email David Gran at:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mission Loan Fund?

The Mission Loan Fund is a fund from which mission and small congregations can receive interest free loans for building purposes. Funds are collected from individuals in congregations primarily during March emphasis. Currently we call this emphasis joining the "Buck a Month Club." Every man in an LCMC congregation is urged to join and to give $12 a year (preferably at one time) to the Mission Loan Fund. Why $12? There were 12 Disciples. The $12 is to remind us that Jesus called us to be his disciples in the world today. There were 12 Tribes of Israel. They were called to be God's People, even as today the Gospel of Jesus Christ calls us to be God's People. There are 12 months in a year, and $1 a month is an achievable goal for just about everyone. If there are 100 congregations in LCMC, and there were an average of 100 men per congregation, then that would mean over $100,000 per year. The Mission Loan Fund would quickly grow, and since funds loaned out keep coming back, many mission congregations could be helped in a relatively short period of time.

Loan requests are first handled by the LCMC-LM Grant Request Committee. Referrals may come from the LCMC-LM Executive Committee, the LCMC Board or National Service Coordinator, districts, or a sponsoring congregation of a mission congregation. After the Grant Request Committee makes a recommendation, the loan must be approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the LCMC-LM Executive Committee.

Upon distribution of funds, the National Service Coordinator and appropriate district and sponsoring congregation will be notified.

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What is the LCMC-LM Gift Fund?

The Gift Fund is a fund that supports an LCMC mission congregation by an outright gift to the congregation. Gift Funds are to be used primarily, but not exclusively, for start-up office equipment in mission congregations. Gift Funds must be approved by the Grant Request Committee by a two-thirds majority vote. Gift Fund monies come from a September emphasis called "The Committee of 100." It is a committee that never meets! You join by giving $100 or more. Gifts to LCMC mission congregations are announced or presented at the LCMC Annual Gathering. We have named Pastor Kip Tyler the Committee of 100 Honorary Chairman since his gift was the first.

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Who handles the money?

All funds should be sent to the LCMC office at the following address: LCMC-LM, 7000 North Sheldon Road, Canton, MI 48187.  The LCMC-LM president and treasurer work with the LCMC Director of
Operations in handling the funds. The LCMC Board of Trustees has approved the LCMC office as the handler of funds.

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What is a "Key Man?"

While we want the support of all pastors, we are trying to organize so that the pastor is not the key person in congregations who promotes and publicizes the Loan Fund and Gift Fund. We are building a database of Key Men who will eventually receive the information and literature for LCMC-LM. We would prefer Key Men to have an email address, or at least have access to one so we can avoid mailing costs and time required to assemble mailings. If you are willing to be the Key Man in your congregations, email the LCMC-LM president..

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How are the LCMC-Lutheran Men Organized?

Elections are held during the LCMC National Convention. We are presently operating on an adopted constitution and with elected officers. Copies of the constitution were mailed to each congregation. The current officers are:

These officers will serve until the October LCMC-LM national meeting, which will be held in conjunction with the LCMC Annual Gathering.

The Grant Request committee is composed of: The committee chairman and the following LCMC-LM officers: President, V. President, Secretary, Treasurer and the Promotional Secretary.

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