Bylaws of the LCMC Lutheran Men

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SECTION 1    The following are projects of the LCMC-LM: LCMC-LM Mission Loan Fund, LCMC-LM Mission Gift Fund. 

SECTION 2    The LCMC-LM Loan Fund will be used to grant loans to member churches in LCMC, as determined by the LCMC-LM Executive Committee.  The loans shall be interest free if they are repaid on schedule.  If the loans are not prepaid on schedule, an interest rate of not more than eight percent per annum will be charged.  The goal of this fund is to receive $12.00 per year from every man who is a member of a LCMC member congregation. 

SECTION 3    Loans to congregation shall require a mortgage duly prepared and recorded.  LCMC-LM shall be the lien holder.

SECTION 4    The LCMC Mission Gift Fund will be used to grant gifts to LCMC member churches with special needs, as determined by the Executive Committee.  These gifts will be used in a manner approved by the pastor/developer and the church council of the recipient congregation.  Prior to organization as a congregation, the use of the gifts will be approved by the pastor/developer. These gifts will be announced at the LCMC Annual Gathering.  Recipients will be asked to advise, not later than 90 days from the date of receipt, how the gifts will be, (or were) used by the recipient congregation.

SECTION 5     The Committee of 100 shall consist of all persons contributing one hundred dollars or more per annum to LCMC-LM.  Ninety percent (90.0%) of these funds will be used for the LCMC-LM Gift Fund, and ten percent (10.0%) will go into the LCMC-LM Promotion/Expense Fund.

SECTION 6    Bequests, memorials, and gifts to the LCMC-LM Loan Fund and the LCMC-LM Mission Gift Fund will be encouraged.

SECTION 7    The Executive Committee will approve all expenses except the Grant Request Committee alone will approve the gifts from the Mission Gift Fund.  Expenses may be approved by Email or facsimile.



SECTION 1    At the first meeting of the LCMC-LM Executive Committee, following the Annual Meeting and elections, the President shall appoint a Nominating Committee, whose duty shall be to nominate at least one candidate for each office to be filled the following year.

SECTION 2     A majority of the votes cast by the delegates at the Annual Meeting shall be necessary to elect an officer.

SECTION 3    The President, Vice President, Secretary, Promotional Secretary and Pastoral Advisor shall be elected and serve for a term of 2-3 years or until his successor is elected.  These officers shall not be eligible for election to the same office for more than two consecutive terms.  These officers shall be the Executive Committee.

SECTION 4    The Treasurer shall be elected and serve for a term of three years or until his successor is elected.  The treasurer shall be eligible for reelection to two consecutive terms.

SECTION 5    The term of interim officers shall not be counted as one full year in determining the number of terms such appointees may serve.  The term of the elected officers, with the exception of the treasurer, shall be from the date of their election at the first LCMC-LM Annual Gathering until the date of the Annual Gathering the following year.  The term of the Treasurer shall be from the date of his election until the date of the Annual Gathering three years hence.

SECTION 6    After approval by the LCMC-LM Executive Committee, this constitution will act as the interim constitution until the first Annual Gathering.



In the event that LCMC-LM shall be dissolved for any reason, any funds on hand or in accounts in financial institutions/organizations or other assets shall be given to a similar non-profit mission fund of the member churches of LCMC, or repaid to the member churches.



Amendments may be made to the LCMC-LM By-laws of this Constitution at any Annual Gathering of LCMC-LM by a two-thirds vote of members present and voting provided due notice of the amendment has been given at the opening of the business session of the Annual Gathering.