Starting an LCMC Lutheran Men's Group

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Are you interested in starting a chapter of the LCMC Lutheran Men in your church?   Here are some tips to help get you started.

  1. Find a member of the congregation, who is looking for something to do, who can serve as the Key Man. He will shepherd the group and act as it’s liaison with the national LCMC-LM office. This group is not to be the function for the pastor. The Key Man should have some computer skills as much of our communication is via e-mail.
  2. The Key Man should be come familiar with the constitution of LM and its vision, objectives and its background.
  3. The Key Man should determine with the local church council the date(s) when the LM should have their Mission Appeal if other than the months suggested in the description of each of the funds. Some churches conduct both appeals on the same day such as Father’s Day.
  4. The Key Man should develop a short presentation to present to the congregation as temple talks, forums, and other local church groups to be given prior to the date selected for the annual appeals for the Buck- a-Month Club (LCMC-LM Mission Loan Fund) and the Committee - of-100 Club (LCMC-LM Mission Gift Fund).
  5. The Key Man should publicize, prior to the appeal, in the monthly church publication of the upcoming date for the fund appeal.
  6. The next suggestion for the Key Man is to prepare the bulletin inserts from LM website and a 3x5 envelope for the donations to be placed in the Sunday bulletin. The envelope could be entitled Lutheran Men Fund Appeal so it would be different from the usual church donating envelopes. This would assist the money counters in separating the envelopes for counting purposes.
  7. It is suggested that the Key Man give a short temple talk to the Congregation before each service on the day of the appeal to remind all of the men of the purpose and importance of the appeal.
  8. Each member should fill out the bulletin insert noting which fund he wishes to contribute to and the amount along with his name and address. Donations can be accepted for both funds and men can become members of both clubs.
  9. The Key Man should then count the donations keeping track of the donors, amount donated to each club, the type of payment, and attach the payment to the bulletin insert for sending to Sharon MacFadyen at the LCMC national office in Canton, MI.
  10. The donations may continue to come in for several Sunday’safter your initial appeal. Donations can also be accepted from female members in honor of their husbands.
  11. It may be advisable to leave some extra forms and envelopes on the bulletin board or kiosk for those men that may not have attended services the day of your appeal.
  12. Donations should be mailed weekly to the LCMC office.
  13. Records of the donations need to be kept from year to year at the local chapter so members of each club can be reminded to continue to be members each year.
  14. In larger churches, the Key Man may need to solicit additional help to prepare the bulletins and count the funds received from the appeal.

If you have any questions or comments concerning these tips please contact any of the LCMC-LM officers.