Forming an LCMC District

´╗┐Forming a district within LCMC need not be a complicated process.  The list below covers some steps to take and things to think about when forming a new district.
  1. At least one church of a prospective new district needs to join LCMC.
  2. Draft a constitution and any by-laws your group finds necessary to define the district and the interaction of its members. The constitution and by-laws may be in detail, or much may be left to future imagination. Remember, any rules you set for yourselves in your governing documents will need to be adhered to. If your constitution or by-laws call for officers, the district members will be called upon to fill those positions. If one or the other stipulates meetings of a given frequency, that, too will need to be done. Especially early on, it might be better to keep the structure to a minimum. Someone to convene or facilitate conventions and the ability to establish task forces might be a good start.
  3. It is recommended that the district be incorporated according to the legal requirements within the state in which it will be headquartered, and that it file for 501c(3) status. It often takes as much as 18 months to secure 501c(3) status. In the short run, it may be possible for one of the member churches to meet those requirements otherwise met by having 501c(3) status.
  4. It is likely that some thought should be given at the outset to the candidacy process. This should be coordinated with the LCMC national organization, but it is possible that a district will want to augment those national standards and procedures.
  5. If it is the desire of those establishing the district, give some thought to allowing for or actually organizing chapters for those who are in non-LCMC congregations but are dissatisfied with their present circumstances. Just as much of the growth of LCMC will come through the formation of districts, so too, much of the growth of districts will come through the formation of chapters.
  6. Start doing church the way you believe it should be done. If that means that your district is going to focus on mission starts, begin collecting money and looking for a neighborhood where people are dying to hear the truth about freedom in Christ.
Some thoughts to help in your process:  For better or worse, a constitution reflects the wisdom of the founders of the organization, and is designed for the ages. When writing constitutions, err on the vague side. By-laws are different in that they can usually be changed much more easily. Put broad philosophy into constitutions, specific organizational detail into by-laws.