Districts & Fellowship Groups

LCMC Districts

There are two types of districts: Geographic and Non-Geographic.  Geographic Districts are based on physical location, whereas a Non-Geographic Districts are not. 

  • Officers and leadership team/board/council
  • Operating by-laws
  • Plan and implement regular events open to LCMC and non-LCMC participants: meetings, women’s group, youth events, etc.
  • Receive funds, make payments, may have checking account
  • Is a named legal entity
  • Has LCMC district insurance

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LCMC Fellowship Groups:

  • Meetings of LCMC pastors/leaders are sponsored by an LCMC congregation
  • Has coordinator and/or point of contact: unpaid/volunteer
  • Hosting congregation provides insurance coverage for meetings/events
  • Does not receive funds
  • Is not a legal entity

List of Fellowship Groups