Congregational Workshops

A Congregational Workshop is designed and offered to help as many of our members of local churches as possible to make the paradigm shift from membership to discipleship.  This is a process and may take a generation to complete, so this workshop is only a beginning!

This is not an easy transition, but it will be necessary for us to become effective again in reaching people who do not know Jesus.  Therefore, the invitation to offer this in your church requires a vote of the church council and the support of both the chair of the council and the pastor of the congregation.

In this workshop, Rev. Mark Vander Tuig, Service Coordinator for LCMC, will present some Biblical concepts that will hopefully challenge, inspire and encourage our people to remember who we are as the Body of Christ and to whom we belong:  Jesus.

This workshop is not designed as a church assessment that offers an in-depth evaluation of the effectiveness of the congregation or of its staff and pastor/s.  It is not a conflict resolution process that would seek to discover dysfunction, hurt and misunderstandings and then work toward health and reconciliation.

Goals of Congregational Workshops:

  • Church Council assessment will be completed
  • Every member of the church council will attend.
  • At least 30% of those who worship on an average Sunday will participate in the Saturday session.
  • There will be a $5-$10/person registration offering…the recipient/s of the fee will be determined by the congregation.
  • There is no required contribution to either Rev. Vander Tuig or LCMC
  • The cost of the handout/packet will be covered by the congregation.

To find a Congregational Workshop near you, check out our Calendar of Events.