Why are our congregations in decline?The last thing we want to do is to oversimplify our answer to this question.Communication is ChangingThe truth is, just as with print media, the music industry, telephones, or other communications enterprises, much of how we do business in the church (also a communication enterprise) is changing forever.The Gospel never changes but the medium (scrolls, manuscripts, codices/books, proclama- tion, radio, TV, ... [...]

Ingham Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camps

Ingham Okoboji began as a training camp for Sunday School teachers in 1924.  It continues, through multiple ministries, to have a strong emphasis on knowing and understanding the scriptures, and developing a personal walk with God through faith in Jesus Christ.  Summer Family Campers attend from throughout the United States, and youth attend camp and RECHARGE retreats from multiple states, as well.  Counselors trained at camp ... [...]

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