The Awaken Project

The Awaken Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in the state of Minnesota. The Awaken Project is a Christ-centered, Gospel-focused organization that seeks to witness the irrefutable effects of the good news of Jesus in young adults’ lives. The Awaken Project provides a gap year program for students between the ages of 18 and 25. The program runs from early September through early May. The Awaken Project also hosts a ... [...]

Preparing for Amazement Ministries

The mission of Preparing for Amazement Ministries is to revitalize and build the global church. Empowering and equipping churches leads to create lasting and transformational health. Patrick Lencioni, in his book, The Advantage, notes that ‘organizational health trumps everything.’ Not only have we found his argument to be true in the church to a high degree, but we have also found it to be true for the leaders of the ... [...]

Connections Stewardship Group

Connections Stewardship provides a variety of stewardship programs for congregations and nonprofit organizations. Senior Partner, Pastor John Cross (LCMC), has helped raise over $100,000,000 over the past 22 years. Primarily, Connections has specialized in Capital Campaigns, Debt Reduction Appeals (Mission Freedom), and Annual Giving Programs. More recently, we have reframed the Capital Campaign and have created the Mission Enhancement. ... [...]

Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp

Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp has been around since 1943 and exists to enhance the ministry of the local church by providing Christ-centered, life-changing camp experiences year around for people of all ages.  Our mission is 'To know Jesus Christ and to make Christ known to all' and our aim is to be laser focused in all that we do.  Why partner with Riverside? Jesus "It's all about Jesus!" At ... [...]

Brotherhood Mutual

LCMC has arranged with Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company to be part of their ministry partner program. Brotherhood Mutual provides high-quality insurance protection and risk management services and works exclusively with churches and related ministries. When churches practice good risk management, they provide a safer place for their members to worship, resulting in few losses. When that happens, Brotherhood Mutual gives our ... [...]

Sorensen Consulting

Are you in need of fundraising assistance?  In most organizations and with most leaders, like you, there are always more projects and priorities to be accomplished than funds available. More mission on the horizon if we just had the money. I would like to visit with you about your needs and how I could help you reach your goals. For over 30 years I have been involved in fundraising for organizations large and small helping many ... [...]

The Drawbridge

The Drawbridge is a ministry with a specific focus on caring for those in Christian leadership who care for others. We exist to encourage Pastors and Ministry Leaders, as they seek to fulfill the call of God on their lives. At The Drawbridge Retreat Center, Pastors, Christian Ministry Leaders, and their spouses can disengage from ministry duties to rest and relax in a luxurious setting. The Drawbridge provides 1, 2, and 3-night ... [...]

Bethesda Lutheran Communities

Bethesda Lutheran Communities is a Christian organization that enhances the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through services that share the good news of Jesus Christ. Bethesda provides homes, day programs, employment opportunities, and faith supports in 13 states, and has been supporting people of all abilities for 113 years. Bethesda’s Religious Life Team focuses on connections that bring people ... [...]

Connected Marriage

Connected Marriage equips pastors and lay leaders to work with couples that need help to improve their relationship. We provide an interactive online course that teaches couples over 25 key concepts that have been proven to increase marriage satisfaction. As the couple goes through each online lesson, they answer survey questions. After each of the six lessons, the mentor receives a report with insight into the couple’s relationship. ... [...]

Moving Forward

We help churches move forward in staff transitions, crisis, tragedy and/or conflict.  We also assist churches that have a sense that a fresh vision from God is needed.  We use a variety of tools to help each congregation in its unique journey to move forward.  These include Prepare Enrich, Healthy Congregations and Myers Briggs and numerous other tools that are helpful depending on your situation.   We are available to ... [...]

On Bended Knee

On Bended Knee Ministry is about building strong marriages and relationships.  Pam Hulstrand is a trainer, consultant, pastoral counselor and group facilitator. She is a Prepare-Enrich Trainer and conducts Facilitator Workshops for Pastors to become certified in using the Prepare-Enrich Assessment.  She is available to churches to lead engaged and/or marriage seminars using the Prepare-Enrich Material. Pam has also helped churches ... [...]


MissionsLink is new global mission networking tool created by LCMC mission partner ALWM & Bill Moberly. The global mission counterpart to Church Connect, MissionsLink is a searchable database of member congregations, mission agencies & individuals from across North America. MissionsLink provides a convenient way for LCMC members, congregations and partner mission organizations to SHARE THE RESOURCES YOU HAVE and FIND THE RESOURCES YOU ... [...]


Re-Missioned, a division of One Heart Ministries, is a non-profit, faith-based organization serving the church throughout the United States and Canada. Our vision and passion is to help churches navigate through times of growth and change in a healthy and revitalizing way. We are excited to help churches �re-mission� themselves by moving from a membership focus to a discipleship focus. [...]


Churches Connect is an online database which allows LCMC congregations to connect with one another for the purpose of asking questions, giving advice, sharing resources and collaborating on projects with one another.  Here’s how it works:  The leader/pastor/member of a congregation goes to our website and signs up for Churches Connect.  Some basic demographic and congregational information is entered into an ... [...]

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines

One of the companies that specialize in helping pastors move is Steven’s Worldwide.  For a free estimate and for more information, visit [...]

Family Shield Ministries

Family Shield Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit Christian organization founded in 1994. It grew out of Kay Meyer’s work as a volunteer in evangelism and education at Ascension Lutheran Church in St. Louis from 1981-1994. The name is based on Eph. 6:16 that says, “Take up the shield of faith.”   The mission: to reach and equip people, through the power of the Gospel, to know Christ, grow in His Word; and to strengthen ... [...]

LCMC Resource Center

Has spring cleaning left your congregation with a surplus of books, musical instruments or equipment that you no longer need?  Are you part of a mission congregation and in search of items to help get started?  Look no further!  Our online Resource Center serves as a way for people in LCMC to connect with one another and share resources.   Here's how it works:Have an item that you'd like to sell, loan or give away to ... [...]


Why are our congregations in decline?The last thing we want to do is to oversimplify our answer to this question.Communication is ChangingThe truth is, just as with print media, the music industry, telephones, or other communications enterprises, much of how we do business in the church (also a communication enterprise) is changing forever.The Gospel never changes but the medium (scrolls, manuscripts, codices/books, proclama- tion, radio, TV, ... [...]

Ingham Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camps

Ingham Okoboji began as a training camp for Sunday School teachers in 1924.  It continues, through multiple ministries, to have a strong emphasis on knowing and understanding the scriptures, and developing a personal walk with God through faith in Jesus Christ.  Summer Family Campers attend from throughout the United States, and youth attend camp and RECHARGE retreats from multiple states, as well.  Counselors trained at camp ... [...]

LCMC Missions Forum

A Google-Group Venue for Sharing Experiences, Ideas, and NeedsSponsored by the Augustana District Board of World MissionsWe invite all people who are passionate about missions to join this discussion group. It gives us an opportunity to network together in several areas related to our mission to serve Christ.First, this discussion group will offer a gathering place where prayers can be requested and offered. While we each belong to our ... [...]

Lutherans for Life

The mission statement of Lutherans For Life is to “equip Lutherans to be Gospel-motivated voices for life.”  In keeping with that mission, Lutherans For Life produces and distributes Gospel-based information on ALL aspects of life including:  Abortion  Adoption  Bio-ethics (in vitro fertilization, cloning, stem cell research/transplant)  Christian Responsibility  Contraception  Creation  ... [...]

Royal Family KIDS

More than 3.5 million cases of child abuse, abandonment and neglect are reported every year.  408,425  children now live in foster care in the United States. 128,000 of these children are between the ages of 6 and 12. By the time an abused, abandoned or neglected child is rescued by Social Services and placed in the foster care system, the damage has already been done – damage that can last a lifetime.  Foster children ... [...]

Shepherd's Canyon Retreat

Since March, 2009, Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat has provided week-long counseling retreats for men and women in full-time ministry who are in the midst of burnout, stress, depression, conflicts of all kinds, and sometimes moral failure.  A retreat client can anticipate 30 hours of group, couple, and individual counseling.  Our retreats have been called “a year of counseling in a week”.   Each retreat is led by ... [...]

Livin' with Jesus Ministries

Have you ever come to a point in your life where you feel you should explore your available options? Livinʼ with Jesus Ministries A Ministry of Healing, Peace, Joy and Mutual Edification is available to you.Reconciliation, Conflict Resolution and Management, Pastoral Experience Companion/ Mentoring Program,  Congregation Background Checks and Assessments,  Congregation Leadership Ministry Encouragement."Pastor Garry’s ... [...]

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