Lutherans for Life

The mission statement of Lutherans For Life is to “equip Lutherans to be Gospel-motivated voices for life.”  In keeping with that mission, Lutherans For Life produces and distributes Gospel-based information on ALL aspects of life including: 
  • Abortion 
  • Adoption 
  • Bio-ethics (in vitro fertilization, cloning, stem cell research/transplant) 
  • Christian Responsibility 
  • Contraception 
  • Creation 
  • Crisis Pregnancy 
  • End of Life (Advance directives, living wills, Physician-assisted suicide, etc.) 
  • Family Living 
  • Fatherhood 
  • Post-abortion 
  • Sexual Purity
  • Suicide 
  • Worldview and Culture 
Lutherans For Life has materials that are suitable for all ages from elementary school through adult.  We can equip you and your congregation to address the difficult life-related questions with Biblical answers.

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