Resource [Healing Topic] The "congregational resources" listed on our website are offered for your consideration.  They are listed here because they are currently offered by one of our LCMC congregations or pastors, or have been used by one of our congregations or pastors.  Each ministry comes with a "letter of recommendation".  That they are listed does not imply an endorsement by the Board of Trustees, the Ministry Board or the staff of LCMC, and there is no claim as to their effectiveness in your specific setting. You are encouraged to review their websites, call them up, contact them with any question you may have, call the congregation or pastor that brings the recommendation; and then decide. If you have a ministry or resource that you would like to offer to others, please contact our Service Coordinator ( to learn how you might be added to those already listed. en-us The Drawbridge Mon, 18 Dec 17 00:00:00 -0700 The Drawbridge is a ministry with a specific focus on caring for those in Christian leadership who care for others. We exist to encourage Pastors and Ministry Leaders, as they seek to fulfill the call of God on their lives.

At The Drawbridge Retreat Center, Pastors, Christian Ministry Leaders, and their spouses can disengage from ministry duties to rest and relax in a luxurious setting.

The Drawbridge provides 1, 2, and 3-night retreat opportunities in a setting located just 30 minutes from Omaha. Here guests find a place to rest and relax as they wind their way through the forest and arrive at our peaceful eight-acre estate nestled in the wooded foothills near the Platte River. Deer, wild turkey, and many varieties of wildlife frequent our grounds daily. Enjoy the trails throughout nearly 250 acres in the development. Nature awaits as guests experience the ministry of The Drawbridge.

The Drawbridge is a non-denominational Christian ministry — Bible-based and believing it to be the infallible and inspired Word of God. Jesus is Lord — period.​

No agenda - no program - no charge - just come and relax.

Lutherans for Life Fri, 24 May 13 00:00:00 -0600 The mission statement of Lutherans For Life is to “equip Lutherans to be Gospel-motivated voices for life.”  In keeping with that mission, Lutherans For Life produces and distributes Gospel-based information on ALL aspects of life including: 
  • Abortion 
  • Adoption 
  • Bio-ethics (in vitro fertilization, cloning, stem cell research/transplant) 
  • Christian Responsibility 
  • Contraception 
  • Creation 
  • Crisis Pregnancy 
  • End of Life (Advance directives, living wills, Physician-assisted suicide, etc.) 
  • Family Living 
  • Fatherhood 
  • Post-abortion 
  • Sexual Purity
  • Suicide 
  • Worldview and Culture 
Lutherans For Life has materials that are suitable for all ages from elementary school through adult.  We can equip you and your congregation to address the difficult life-related questions with Biblical answers.
Royal Family KIDS Thu, 02 May 13 00:00:00 -0600 More than 3.5 million cases of child abuse, abandonment and neglect are reported every year.  408,425  children now live in foster care in the United States. 128,000 of these children are between the ages of 6 and 12. By the time an abused, abandoned or neglected child is rescued by Social Services and placed in the foster care system, the damage has already been done – damage that can last a lifetime.  Foster children are the most at-risk children within the United States. But you and I know the impact of compassion and commitment in the life of a child…
Since 1985, Royal Family KIDS has lifted children from the deepest pits of despair and given them hope toward a better tomorrow and brighter future.  We do this through our Camp, Club and Mentor programs.  Royal Family KIDS Camp is the nation’s leading camp program for abused, abandoned and neglected children ages 6-12.  Royal Family KIDS Camp is built around a working relationship between Royal Family KIDS, social services and our sponsoring camp churches, but it is entirely locally volunteer-driven.  


At Camp…

One counselor for every two children provides for lots of individual attention from a trustworthy adult.
All the games, crafts and activities are designed to be fun and ensure each child succeeds – self-esteem issues loom large for children of abuse, but at camp, everyone is a winner!

We share the message that God loves these children and they are valuable.  This is great news for children who feel that nobody loves them.

We are a family at camp.  There is even an Aunt, an Uncle, and a camp Grandma and Grandpa whose important role is to tell stories, deliver snacks and hugs, give encouragement – just like a “real” family!
Some of our kids have never had a birthday party – but at Everybody’s Birthday Party one night at camp, every child is presented with cake, presents and a real celebration!

The best part? Life-long Memories!



Special bonds are established during the week of Royal Family KIDS Camp. After camp is over, that bond is carried over into a one on one mentoring relationship through our Club & Mentors Program. Participating campers are matched with trained mentors from the Royal Family KIDS Camp team. Mentors and their mentees spend four hours together each month doing fun activities and building healthy adult-to-child relationships. This relationship is built upon:
  • Trust – the camper and mentor have already met and established a level a trust from their five days at camp together
  • Safety – every mentor is interviewed, trained, and background checked
  • Commitment – each mentor, mentee and caregiver commit to nine months of Club and one on one mentoring time
Roughly 55% of foster children in the US have had three or more placements. 33% of foster children change elementary schools five or more times, losing relationships and falling behind educationally.*
Therefore, having a consistent mentor is VITAL.



Throughout the school year campers and their mentors attend a once a month Club meeting. Club is a place where a camper can reconnect with many of the participating staff members from Camp as well as build lasting friendships with the other campers who are being mentored.

At camp, relationships and trust are established and those bonds carry over into a mentoring relationship.  This model- Camps*Clubs*Mentors has had a powerful impact on the children: over 90% of our Club kids are still meeting with their mentors the last day of club each year!
To learn more about how to start a Royal Family KIDS Camp through your church, please contact Glenn Garvin at
Shepherd's Canyon Retreat Thu, 18 Apr 13 00:00:00 -0600 Since March, 2009, Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat has provided week-long counseling retreats for men and women in full-time ministry who are in the midst of burnout, stress, depression, conflicts of all kinds, and sometimes moral failure.  A retreat client can anticipate 30 hours of group, couple, and individual counseling.  Our retreats have been called “a year of counseling in a week”.
Each retreat is led by two licensed Christian counselors—male and female—and our retreat chaplain.  Retreats are held at Standing Stones Retreat Center located 90 minutes NW of Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport.
We request $3500 per couple for accommodations, meals, and counseling fees.  Sometimes scholarship assistance is available.  We request $2500 for a single person.  Pastors and spouses are strongly encouraged to come together.

Metanoia Ministries Mon, 23 Apr 12 00:00:00 -0600 logoMetanoia Ministries is a non-profit, faith-based organization serving the evangelical church throughout the United States, Canada and Europe since 1994. Our mission is to restore spiritual vitality to the church through leadership transformation and conflict reconciliation. We have served more than 85 churches, offering comprehensive services and resources in:




For information, contact:

Jim or Sharon Van Yperen

Church Doctor Ministries Tue, 17 Apr 12 00:00:00 -0600 logoChurch Doctor Ministries is a non-profit ministry dedicated to helping Christians and churches become more effective for the Great Commission, to make disciples of all people.

Our calling is helping churches through transformational change toward renewal and revitalization. The ministry also provides coaching, teaching, and consulting services designed to help the local church carry ministry within each unique ministry context.  Specialty experience with preschool; grade schools; daycare; staffing; church governance; ethnic outreach; succession planning; facility issues; relocation; international missions; postmodern outreach; young adult discipleship; adult discipleship; “marketing” and “branding” identity issues; social media; social networking; leadership training; Christian schools; renewal and awakening dynamics; missional training; spiritual health development; worship issues; and internal communication.

Influenced by work with churches and networks of churches on seven continents for almost four decades. Built around Jesus’ “affirm and build” approach in John 5:19: focusing on what God is blessing. Treating each church as uniquely distinctive, avoiding a “one size fits all” approach,this ministry hasbeen named twice by independent analysts as the best of its kind. In 30 plus years of ministry, Church Doctor Ministries has helped over 1,600 churches.

For more information contact:

Tracee J. Swank
Call toll free: 1.800.626.8515