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Connections Stewardship provides a variety of stewardship programs for congregations and nonprofit organizations. Senior Partner, Pastor John Cross (LCMC), has helped raise over $100,000,000 over the past 22 years. Primarily, Connections has specialized in Capital Campaigns, Debt Reduction Appeals (Mission Freedom), and Annual Giving Programs. More recently, we have reframed the Capital Campaign and have created the Mission Enhancement. For many decades, congregations have raised significant money by having a professionally-led, three-year campaign to raise funds for building projects.

With fewer Lutheran congregations taking on capital projects, Connections believes that almost every congregation would benefit greatly from conducting a Mission Enhancement Campaign. These appeals use the proven system and spiritual blessings of a traditional Capital Campaign - including the three-year giving period, the congregation-wide involvement, the high level of personal contact, the Scripturally-based, bold "ask" for larger gifts, the focus on mission, the spiritual growth, the Biblical emphasis, the professional on-site guidance, the growth of community enthusiasm that comes from taking on a significant challenge, the leadership development, the stewardship education, and all the rest.

Many churches have used the Mission Enhancement process to unite people around an exciting vision. Connections will help create and articulate that vision. Often, congregations have six or seven projects, program ideas, mission outreach possibilities, “wish-list” items, and/or benevolence efforts that they simply cannot afford to fund through the general budget.  With the Mission Enhancement Campaign, they are bundled together into a compelling case. Connections has learned that donors will give as generously to the Mission Enhancement as they normally give for a Capital Campaign. While the Enhancement works in any size of a congregation, it is particularly effective in small to mid-size churches.

If you think that your congregation might be interested in learning more, give LCMC Pastor John Cross a call at 503-708-3799, or send him an email at to find out more about this exciting ministry!  The first ten churches that respond to this LCMC website promotion will receive a 25% discount on their contract. When you do contact us, be sure to ask Pastor John about the highly innovative “Residential Campaign” process that will begin in 2021!! Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page, "Connections Stewardship.

Sorensen Consulting Mon, 30 Apr 18 00:00:00 +0000 Are you in need of fundraising assistance? 

In most organizations and with most leaders, like you, there are always more projects and priorities to be accomplished than funds available. More mission on the horizon if we just had the money. I would like to visit with you about your needs and how I could help you reach your goals.

For over 30 years I have been involved in fundraising for organizations large and small helping many achieve great results.

  • One LCMC church needed $5 million for two new buildings for their youth.  They started working with me and received pledges and gifts totaling $6.5 million including two $1 million gifts and a $500,000 gift.
  • Another organization was stuck at $8 million of the $16 million they needed for their $50 million+ project and now their new youth center is complete and faithfully serving their community.
  • A new LCMC church with under 200 attending on Sundays raised $400,000 for their much-needed projects.

With God’s help, an inspired goal, dedicated supporters and a good system great things can be accomplished!  Together we can secure your needed funds while creating the framework for sustainable generosity.

I would love to visit with you about the possibilities or pass this on if you know someone else who needs assistance.

MissionsLink Tue, 03 Nov 15 00:00:00 +0000 MissionsLink is new global mission networking tool created by LCMC mission partner ALWM & Bill Moberly. The global mission counterpart to Church Connect, MissionsLink is a searchable database of member congregations, mission agencies & individuals from across North America. MissionsLink provides a convenient way for LCMC members, congregations and partner mission organizations to SHARE THE RESOURCES YOU HAVE and FIND THE RESOURCES YOU NEED to be more meaningfully, strategically and effectively engaged in completing the Great Commission.

Dr. Eugene Grimm Thu, 03 May 12 00:00:00 +0000 Eugene Grimm LLC offers a wide variety of stewardship services to congregations and religious organizations. These include:

Capital Programs

Whether a congregation is seeking to build or add on to the present facility, or reduce debt, our capital appeal will help you at a very competitive fee.

Annual Response Programs

Dr. Eugene Grimm has led Herb Miller's New Consecration Sunday Stewardship program nearly 450 times and considers it the finest stewardship program ever developed. He is available for Consecration Sunday, Celebrate Generosity, and other annual programs, as well as guest preaching and congregational workshops.

Feasibility Studies

Is the project you plan to undertake economically viable? Is it operationally feasible? Operational feasibility is a measure of how well a proposed appeal solves the needs. Is your membership or constituency ready for a capital campaign? If these questions cannot be answered with a resounding “yes,” consider a feasibility study.

Consulting Services

Are you doing a good job of stewardship? Do you want to do an even better job? Is stewardship a response to God's redeeming love, or just a means to get more money? Helping people come to an understanding of their role as God's stewards is an intentional process. Giving is not something we convince people to do. It is something they do in response to God's love.


I offer a variety of seminars. For a description, I invite you to visit In addition to those listed, I will customize a seminar to fit your needs.



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