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Connections Stewardship provides a variety of stewardship programs for congregations and nonprofit organizations. Senior Partner, Pastor John Cross (LCMC), has helped raise over $100,000,000 over the past 22 years. Primarily, Connections has specialized in Capital Campaigns, Debt Reduction Appeals (Mission Freedom), and Annual Giving Programs. More recently, we have reframed the Capital Campaign and have created the Mission Enhancement. For many decades, congregations have raised significant money by having a professionally-led, three-year campaign to raise funds for building projects.

With fewer Lutheran congregations taking on capital projects, Connections believes that almost every congregation would benefit greatly from conducting a Mission Enhancement Campaign. These appeals use the proven system and spiritual blessings of a traditional Capital Campaign - including the three-year giving period, the congregation-wide involvement, the high level of personal contact, the Scripturally-based, bold "ask" for larger gifts, the focus on mission, the spiritual growth, the Biblical emphasis, the professional on-site guidance, the growth of community enthusiasm that comes from taking on a significant challenge, the leadership development, the stewardship education, and all the rest.

Many churches have used the Mission Enhancement process to unite people around an exciting vision. Connections will help create and articulate that vision. Often, congregations have six or seven projects, program ideas, mission outreach possibilities, “wish-list” items, and/or benevolence efforts that they simply cannot afford to fund through the general budget.  With the Mission Enhancement Campaign, they are bundled together into a compelling case. Connections has learned that donors will give as generously to the Mission Enhancement as they normally give for a Capital Campaign. While the Enhancement works in any size of a congregation, it is particularly effective in small to mid-size churches.

If you think that your congregation might be interested in learning more, give LCMC Pastor John Cross a call at 503-708-3799, or send him an email at to find out more about this exciting ministry!  The first ten churches that respond to this LCMC website promotion will receive a 25% discount on their contract. When you do contact us, be sure to ask Pastor John about the highly innovative “Residential Campaign” process that will begin in 2021!! Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page, "Connections Stewardship.

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