Moving Forward

We help churches move forward in staff transitions, crisis, tragedy and/or conflict.  We also assist churches that have a sense that a fresh vision from God is needed.  We use a variety of tools to help each congregation in its unique journey to move forward.  These include Prepare Enrich, Healthy Congregations and Myers Briggs and numerous other tools that are helpful depending on your situation.
We are available to meet with councils, congregations, small groups and individuals, both onsite and online.
Eric Hulstrand has been a pastor for 25 years and in a wide variety of churches, from small country churches to a larger metropolitan church to a brand new church plant.  He is also an entrepreneur with several side businesses.  Pam Hulstrand is a top trainer and facilitator for Prepare Enrich.  She has her own ministry/business called On Bended Knee.
In addition to Eric and Pam, Moving Forward has access to a larger team of experts in a range  of professions with a variety of areas of expertise.  These include, among other, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a certified professional Mediator, both with extensive experience in the local church.

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