LCMC Resource Center

Has spring cleaning left your congregation with a surplus of books, musical instruments or equipment that you no longer need? 

Are you part of a mission congregation and in search of items to help get started? 

Look no further!  Our online Resource Center serves as a way for people in LCMC to connect with one another and share resources. 

Here's how it works:

  1. Have an item that you'd like to sell, loan or give away to another congregation?  
    • Some of the most commonly sought after items are:  sanctuary items, Bibles, hymnals, office equipment, worship materials, media equipment, musical instruments, educational materials, furniture and videos.
  2. Create a listing using your myLCMC Account [here's how!]
  3. Your item may take about one business day or so to be approved by a site administrator.  
  4. Looking for items?  Click Here.  
  5. Once an item has been sold or given away, simply log in to your myLCMC account and remove the listing, or contact us and let us know the item is no longer available and we'll remove it for you.

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