Ingham Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camps

Ingham Okoboji began as a training camp for Sunday School teachers in 1924.  It continues, through multiple ministries, to have a strong emphasis on knowing and understanding the scriptures, and developing a personal walk with God through faith in Jesus Christ.  Summer Family Campers attend from throughout the United States, and youth attend camp and RECHARGE retreats from multiple states, as well.  Counselors trained at camp are impacts for Christ today throughout the world.  We praise God for these opportunities, and we invite others to join in this mission through prayer, participation, and financial support.

Mission:  To know Jesus Christ and to Make Christ Known to all.

Vision:  To change the world through sharing Christ, building disciples and training future leaders, maximizing the impact of Christ beyond our borders.

Primary Objectives:
  1. Christ Centered – centering all we do in the crucified and risen Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. Biblical – together seeking the God of truth and all knowledge in the scriptures.
  3. Healing and Hope – recognizing pain and brokenness, we strive to bring healing and hope.
  4. Playful, loving, Christian Community – enjoying the presence of Christ through play, worship and fellowship with others.
  5. Sharing God’s Heart for the world – connecting with God’s Spirit in a Global vision.

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