Shepherd's Canyon Retreat

Since March, 2009, Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat has provided week-long counseling retreats for men and women in full-time ministry who are in the midst of burnout, stress, depression, conflicts of all kinds, and sometimes moral failure.  A retreat client can anticipate 30 hours of group, couple, and individual counseling.  Our retreats have been called “a year of counseling in a week”.
Each retreat is led by two licensed Christian counselors—male and female—and our retreat chaplain.  Retreats are held at Standing Stones Retreat Center located 90 minutes NW of Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport.
We request $3500 per couple for accommodations, meals, and counseling fees.  Sometimes scholarship assistance is available.  We request $2500 for a single person.  Pastors and spouses are strongly encouraged to come together.

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