Call Inc.

Our Mission: Call Inc. is a Christian non-profit teaching mission (not a business) dedicated to mobilizing ordinary people called by Jesus to “incorporate” His call into everyday life. 

logo“Church” literally means “called out ones” in the Biblical Greek. Ordinary people “called out” by Jesus to transform the world… this is real church.  Church is not a place, organization or institution.  Church is not an end in itself; rather, you and I and all other believers in Jesus are the church—the Lord’s instrument to transform the world. Therefore, helping believers to discern the Lord’s call and live worthy of His call should be a primary objective of every church gathering. This objective is possible whether a gathering of believers is very large or very small. Bringing Jesus’ loving and saving rule, reign and resurrection power to bear on people, problems and places is the call of every Christian. What is the Lord calling you to do? What is your unique part? Where is your mission field and how are you bringing Jesus’ rule and reign to this mission field? How is your church gathering intentionally mobilizing all people towards these kingdom priorities?

Our Objectives & Values:
  • We teach ordinary people how to seek, discover and “incorporate” God’s call into all of life. Our hope is that all Christians of any age will live worthy of Jesus and His call.
  • We train leaders to mobilize ordinary people called by Jesus.
  • We encourage leaders to discern their call within their call to increase their effectiveness as kingdom leaders.
  • We renew “Christian churches”… ordinary people “anointed” and empowered with the Holy Spirit in order to be “called out” by Jesus to transform the world.
  • We encourage “living worthy of Christ’s call” as an essential dimension of a multifaceted approach for developing fruitful disciples of Jesus.
  • We teach events, provide resources, and encourage individuals and groups with these objectives.

What We Do:
  • Ordinary People Call Seminars combine scriptural teaching, prayerful reflection, listening prayer and conversation, assisting people to seek, discover and “incorporate” God’s call into their unique mission field of life… family, work, community, world, and the church gathering. Most basic is the call to know, follow and uniquely serve Jesus… 24/7.
  • Teaching Events (seminars, retreats, workshops) on these topics: God’s call, spiritual gifts, life stewardship, discipleship, listening prayer, call mobilization training, fear, and “church” (the called out ones). These scriptural events are taught by highly experienced and knowledgeable teachers.
  • Resources (publications and downloadable resources for all ages… on these topics): God’s call, spiritual gifts, life stewardship, discipleship, and “church” (the called out ones) with more coming including video!
  • Free Downloadable Resources: We offer free downloadable resources for individual use including a spiritual gifts identification inventory and an easy-to-use talent and skills profile (an effective replacement for time and talent sheets). In addition, the copying rights for these downloadable resources may be purchased for a very modest fee.
  • Discipleship Development Strategy & Discernment Conversations for individuals, leaders, churches and other organizations

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