Dr. Eugene Grimm

Eugene Grimm LLC offers a wide variety of stewardship services to congregations and religious organizations. These include:

Capital Programs

Whether a congregation is seeking to build or add on to the present facility, or reduce debt, our capital appeal will help you at a very competitive fee.

Annual Response Programs

Dr. Eugene Grimm has led Herb Miller's New Consecration Sunday Stewardship program nearly 450 times and considers it the finest stewardship program ever developed. He is available for Consecration Sunday, Celebrate Generosity, and other annual programs, as well as guest preaching and congregational workshops.

Feasibility Studies

Is the project you plan to undertake economically viable? Is it operationally feasible? Operational feasibility is a measure of how well a proposed appeal solves the needs. Is your membership or constituency ready for a capital campaign? If these questions cannot be answered with a resounding “yes,” consider a feasibility study.

Consulting Services

Are you doing a good job of stewardship? Do you want to do an even better job? Is stewardship a response to God's redeeming love, or just a means to get more money? Helping people come to an understanding of their role as God's stewards is an intentional process. Giving is not something we convince people to do. It is something they do in response to God's love.


I offer a variety of seminars. For a description, I invite you to visit celebrategenerosity.com. In addition to those listed, I will customize a seminar to fit your needs.



Dr. Eugene Grimm
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