Church Doctor Ministries

Church Doctor Ministries is a non-profit ministry dedicated to helping Christians and churches become more effective for the Great Commission, to make disciples of all people.

Our calling is helping churches through transformational change toward renewal and revitalization. The ministry also provides coaching, teaching, and consulting services designed to help the local church carry ministry within each unique ministry context.  Specialty experience with preschool; grade schools; daycare; staffing; church governance; ethnic outreach; succession planning; facility issues; relocation; international missions; postmodern outreach; young adult discipleship; adult discipleship; “marketing” and “branding” identity issues; social media; social networking; leadership training; Christian schools; renewal and awakening dynamics; missional training; spiritual health development; worship issues; and internal communication.

Influenced by work with churches and networks of churches on seven continents for almost four decades. Built around Jesus’ “affirm and build” approach in John 5:19: focusing on what God is blessing. Treating each church as uniquely distinctive, avoiding a “one size fits all” approach,this ministry hasbeen named twice by independent analysts as the best of its kind. In 30 plus years of ministry, Church Doctor Ministries has helped over 1,600 churches.

For more information contact:

Tracee J. Swank
Call toll free: 1.800.626.8515

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