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I am a retired former ELCA Lutheran pastor that came out of retirement to start an LCMC congregation in Brainerd, Minnesota.

In my personal experience, some of the difficulties encountered in starting a church are lack of an organist/pianist, no secretary, limited or no access to a copy machine, and limited or no access to all of the other office equipment associated with a church that has been in existence for many years.

To overcome those hurdles, I developed a set of liturgical PowerPoint slides, as well as hymn slides with music from the public domain, to use during worship services.

If other churches are struggling with similar issues I may be able to help.

I can send liturgically correct PowerPoint slides by email on a weekly basis.  The slides follow the Revised Common Lectionary and include prayers if so desired.I also have slides for special services such as Lent, Easter, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, etc.

The fee is $15.00 per week, but may be higher, $25.00, if I need to develop a worship service specific to a particular congregation.

I do not provide the necessary copyright licenses.  That is the responsibility of individual congregations.I have a copyright license from Augsburg Publishing for the liturgy for my congregation.  That fee is relatively inexpensive for small congregations.  I like to use the liturgy from the ELCA’s Lutheran Book of Worship, liturgy developed by the Inter-Lutheran Commission on Worship in 1966.  I use it because is it scripturaly based, historically true to Lutheranism and most folks in new LCMC congregations are familiar with it.  The slides are tactfully enhanced with limited use of graphics that do not violate copyright regulations.  However, if congregations choose not to use the liturgy from former Lutheran church bodies, I have slides that I have developed, slides based on history, tradition, and scripture.

If congregations are interested in such a service, they may respond to my email address and I will reply with a sample PowerPoint worship service.  I can also assist with technical questions regarding this process as well.

Jim Walth

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