Church Council Workshops

Helping leaders in the church understand their role and purpose is essential to a healthy, vital and faithful congregation.  It is the purpose of our Church Council Workshops to gather as many church council members and other leaders in the church as possible, along with the pastors, to center our ministries on the Great Commission of Matthew 28.

Workshops will be led by Rev. Mark Vander Tuig, the Service Coordinator of LCMC.  He has served three congregations over the last 30 years, has both a Master’s of Divinity and a Master’s degree in Counseling and Psychological Services.  Mark has made a study of leadership over the years and desires to see every congregation reflect the grace and mercy of God and to focus on fulfilling the Great Commission in our generation. 

Topics for discussion will include:

  •         The Purpose of the Church
  •         The Great Commission and the role of the Council
  •         The Function of Vision and Mission
  •         Unity in the Body of Christ and Leadership
  •         Coming Together, Accepting our Differences
  •         Growing Up into Maturity

Each workshop begins 10:00 AM with a brief devotional, followed by the agenda for the day.  Be sure to bring your Bibles!

To find a Church Council Workshop near you, check out our Calendar of Events.