Wills Do Not Cover Retirement Plan Accounts – You Must Designate a Beneficiary!

33% of LCMC 403(b) Retirement Plan participants have NOT designated their beneficiary. 

Naming a beneficiary for your retirement account is an important task and should be completed as soon as you enroll. It will mean that probate, attorneys’ fees, and other costs associated with settling estates will be avoided.

If you are married and would like someone other than your spouse as your primary beneficiary, your spouse must sign and it must be witnessed by a notary public. You may also name a trust as a beneficiary!

You may complete your designation online or obtain a form and mail it in. 

Here's How:

  1. Log into your account and click on “MY PLAN”
  2. Click on "Forms" under “Plan Activity”  
  3. Click on “Online” across from the Beneficiary Form 

For a Paper Form:

  1. Go to www.LCMC403b.com
  2. Click on "Plan Information"
  3. Click on "Beneficiary Designation Form"

Check this one off your TO DO list!

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