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Dear Pastors, Leaders and Members of LCMC Congregations,

Our association needs your financial support.  At this point we are about 9% behind of our budgeted goals.  Please consider how you might support our association.

We believe that the congregation is the front line of ministry.  Your financial contributions make possible the training and equipping of people in the local church by our staff who come out to the congregations of LCMC at no cost.  Travel, food and lodging is covered by our annual budget.

Our staff offers resources and workshops for pastors, leaders and members of the local church in the local church and for the local church!  Call committee coaching, conflict resolution, planting churches, developing missional thinking, discipleship, evangelism and stewardship are just some of the workshops that we offer.  And every person on our staff is always ready to respond to the thousands of phone calls, emails, and texts that pour in each year!

Our boards meet five times each year, and they are elected from all across the US and even beyond.  They are all volunteers!  LCMC provides for their travel, food and lodging.  Their agendas are always packed and they take their work very seriously.

Your financial contributions help us to fulfill our commitments:  to our staff, for travel, and to maintain and develop our administrative resources:  webpage, computers, print costs and more.

Please consider how you might support our association with your financial gifts to LCMC.

Sincerely In Christ on behalf of the Board of Trustees,

Rev. Mark Vander Tuig
Service Coordinator, LCMC

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