Sixth Annual Three Days of Prayer Kicks Off January 2

If your congregation hasn't already begun to do so, it's time to start planning for our 6th Annual Three Days of Prayer, which will take place January 2-4, 2018

The theme for each of the three days is as follows:

  • Day One: A day focused on confession 
  • Day Two: A day of petition 
  • Day Three: A day for vision

In anticipation of the event, we're polling readers to find out how congregations plan to celebrate. 

In past years, many of our congregations have put together prayer vigils, organized a prayer walks, or offered a prayer service at a set hour each day.  Others have simply asked each person to pray each day.  Organize these three days in any way that you'd like...whatever works best in your congregation is the right way to go!

Let us know what your congregation is doing by taking our survey, and we'll share the results in an upcoming e-newsletter!  Click Here for Survey >>

You can learn more about Three Days of Prayer here.  Also, be sure to sign up for Three Days of Prayer push notifications in our mobile app to receive a message with each day's theme!


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