LCMC Lutheran Men to Reorganize Funding Program

The purpose of LCMC-Lutheran Men is to worship God by helping congregations through the money we collect from the men of our congregations plus grants provided by congregations.

After much discussion, our board has decided to reorganize our funding program.  Currently, we have two funds, the Loan Fund and the Gift Fund. The Loan Fund is designed to provide a no interest loan to small/mission congregations that can be used for building purposes.  The Gift Fund is designed to support an LCMC mission congregation by an outright gift to the congregation. Gift Funds are to be used primarily, but not exclusively, for start-up office equipment in mission congregations.

The Loan Fund is supported by the Buck-A-Month Club, and the Gift Fund is supported by the Committee of 100.

Over the past several years, fewer than 100 men from all of LCMC have supported the Buck-A-Month Club, and the fund is simply not large enough to provide a loan sufficient to help with building a church.  Even less men have supported the Committee of 100, but virtually all of the requests we receive asking for support ask for gifts.

Because of those realities, we have decided to combine the two funds into a new single fund we will call the Mission Assistance Fund.  Our thrust will still be to help new/mission congregations, but the things we could support would be open ended, not limited to audio equipment, office equipment, etc.  Basically, if you have a need…ask.

Obviously, funding the Mission Assistance Fund will still be an issue.  We can’t continue to help congregations and not replenish the fund.  In order to provide that revenue, we will keep our current Buck-A-Month Club and Committee of 100 and keep the current campaign months of March and September, but all contributions would go into the one fund. Downloadable insert forms can be found at

Men, we need you. There are few of us who can’t afford $12.00 a year.  Can you imagine how many congregations we can help if all…or even most…of us become supporters of the Buck-A-Month Club?

Each Sunday as we prepare for the offering, we pray, “In response to God’s perfect love and mercy, we are blessed to share our time, our treasure and our love.”  Following the collection, we pray,” We offer with joy and thanksgiving what You have first given us, ourselves, our time and our possessions.

Those are not just words…they carry a significant meaning.  Won’t you give a small amount of your treasure…your possessions…just $12.00 a year to allow us to help small, mission, growing congregations across LCMC?

Donations can be sent to: LCMC – LM, 7000 N. Sheldon Road, Canton, MI 48187.

Chuck Hunsaker
President, LCMC – Lutheran Men

To learn more about the LCMC – Lutheran Men, click here

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