LCMC Celebrates 4th Annual Three Days of Prayer

Congregations across the nation took part in our 4th Annual Three Days of Prayer from January 5-7, 2016.  Every congregation, member and pastor in LCMC was invited by Service Coordinator Rev. Mark Vander Tuig to start off the new year by setting aside some time during each of the three days to pray.  

While congregations were encouraged to structure each of the three days in any way that made sense to the congregation, there was a theme set for each day.  Day one was a day for confession, day two a day for petition and day three a day for vision.  

Over the past four years, LCMC congregations came up with creative ways of organizing the three days including prayer walks, prayer clocks, designing brochures and planning special events.  

For 2016, the majority of congregations reported hosting special events and/or distributing brochures to members of the congregation who wanted to participate at home.  

While congregations generally focus on inviting their members to take part in the event, one congregation had the experience of an interested non-member joining them.  

“We had info on our front sign and it was exciting that someone actually read it, turned around and came in to pray,” said Paula Mann, the congregational president of Living Word Lutheran Church in Lantana, FL.  

Each year, the number one piece of advice that LCMC-ers have given to others who may be taking part in Three Days of Prayer for the first time is to start planning in advance, then get the word out early and often.

“Trust God,” advises Karen Mason of Faith Lutheran Church in Monticello, MN.  “A basic format is a good idea, and likely reassuring to many participants, but just show up, praise God, then see what He does.”

After participating in Three Days of Prayer for the first time, Karen’s congregation plans to continue offering weekly prayer meetings, which will be open to anyone in the local community who would like to attend.  

There are still eleven months left to plan for our next Three Days of Prayer, which will take place January 3-5, 2017.   

To learn more about Three Days of Prayer and download resources to help you plan for next year, visit

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