Introducing MissionsLink

Denominational leaders, missions minded pastors, and many congregational mission leaders agree about the need to share information in order to partner together effectively with mission organizations and other churches in taking the Gospel to the nations. What kind of information helps?

For example:

  • Do you have an effective global missions team/committee?
  • What countries are you working in, and with which mission agencies?
  • Do you take organize your own short term mission trips? Do you sometimes and have space for a few people from other congregations?
  • Do you work with any mission agencies who organize short term mission trips? Would you recommend the organization to others? 
  • How do you fund global missions?
  • How do you inform your congregation about your mission efforts?
  • And more…

Currently, the only way to find information like this even from a neighboring church is through personal conversation, a church website, or a congregational newsletter.  But with more than 1100 congregations just in LCMC and NALC alone, that is a lot of newsletters and websites to search for information!

“MissionsLink”, the new Mission Networking Database developed by Bill Moberly and ALWM will meet that strategic need! “MissionsLink” provides a simple way for mission engaged congregations to share the resources you have AND find the resources you need to be more meaningfully, strategically and effectively engaged in completing the Great Commission.

MissionsLink is also for mission agencies: another place for congregations to learn more about your ministry with one visit to the ALWM website. The vision for MissionsLink is imply to encourage networking and relationship between congregations, and also mission agency to congregation.

We are starting to work on STMTripsLink, which will be a searchable database of effective, well planned short term mission trips, too. MissionsLink already includes info on short term mission trips, with a place to upload brochures and info about space available on trips you are sponsoring.  Rolling out in 2017, STMTripsLink will be easier to use and search for available short term mission trips.

The effectiveness of MissionsLink will grow as more agencies and churches join. The profile itself only takes about 15 minutes to fill out, but we do not plan on hiring a gecko or creating any humorous commercials. Stepping from wherever you are in your global missions journey into a new season of increased partnership and cooperation is worth the effort. There are more than 3 billion unreached peoples and many unevangelized who we cannot reach by walking out the door and across the street!

If you are interested in creating a profile, or learning more about MissionsLink, go to, email or call 505-803-5271.

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