Home Maintenance - The Joy of Sharing the Load

If you are a homeowner, have you ever had one of these conversations with your spouse, a roommate, or a repair person?  “Well, the washing machine broke down today.” “The dishwasher and microwave both quit working this week and have to be replaced.” How about, “The air conditioning system is beyond repair. You need a new one and you need new duct work.” Or, “There’s water in the basement. We’re going to have to drain it, pull up the carpeting, and put in new flooring.” Then there’s the dreaded, “It’s time to bite the bullet and put a new roof on the house.”

Perhaps you’ve experienced the joy of moving into a home, only to have it followed by all that can be involved in maintaining that home as the conversations above so aptly illustrate. This can be the shared experience we have had in moving into the home we know as Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC). We’ve moved in and now want to maintain the home in a responsible manner rather than taking it for granted.

During my time as service coordinator, I have had numerous congregations who have been longtime members, as well as others who have recently joined LCMC, tell me that they “feel like they’ve come home.” Other times, they tell me what a blessing it is to have a home for their congregation in which they feel at peace, and can feel proud of (in the best sense of that word).

We all know that moving into a house requires ongoing upkeep and maintenance, and this is also true for LCMC, which almost 1,000 congregations now call home. Just a few examples of our ongoing upkeep and maintenance include:

  • Providing financial support for our association staff, Board of Trustees, and Ministry Board who all work to provide various services for member congregations and leaders
  • Creating and implementing a strategic plan for the association that enables us to live out our mission, vision, and values as an association
  • Providing support services, training, and resources for call committees, church councils and lay leadership, as well as conflict management, pastoral certification, and more
  • Providing guidance, encouragement, training and support for district and fellowship coordinators and leadership teams who, in turn, are caring for congregations and connecting leaders with one another
  • Providing a contact for the hundreds of phone calls, emails, and texts we receive each week
  • Providing media resources that help keep us connected and encouraged such as our website, e-newsletter, blog, and By the Word magazine
  • Planning and implementing events such as our Annual Gathering, national leadership conferences, and LeaderCare retreats. Each of these events network people together for relationship, vision casting, and equipping for life and ministry
  • Providing oversight of all the details necessary to offer pension and insurance benefits to pastors and leaders
  • Providing all the administrative services necessary to create and sustain an organization of soon to be 1,000+ churches in 16 countries
  • Coordinating work with teams in the areas of church planting and youth, young adult, and children’s ministries

All of this and more are part of the upkeep and maintenance of our LCMC home. It is a load, but it is easier when it is a shared load across the association. There can be a joy in sharing the responsibility for maintaining our home with one another, rather than relying on only a select few to do so.

Last year less than 1/2 of our almost 1,000 congregations made a financial contribution toward home maintenance in LCMC, and we are so thankful that these congregations are continuing to contribute to the support of the association. At the same time, I’d like to invite the over 500 congregations who did not contribute last year to do so this year. Every amount will be appreciated and given thanks for. Then, having made that initial contribution to LCMC’s home maintenance, I encourage you to officially add LCMC to your church budget in 2025.

Thanks everyone for helping to create and sustain a home for congregations in which you can have a sense of pride and peace, a home in which you can feel wanted and needed. And thank you all for not taking this home for granted, and for sharing the load. God bless you all!

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