LCMC Blog [LeaderCare series] Read the the latest news, announcements and articles from LCMC. en-us Ministering to the Ministers Wed, 30 Aug 23 00:00:00 +0000 So, you've heard about LeaderCare. You’re not sure what it is or if it is right for you yet. You may be wondering, “Why should I attend a LeaderCare event?”

I’ve invited LCMC pastors to tell you in their words:

“Dear Leader: As ministers of the Gospel we are blessed to be called to a life of emptying ourselves in order to spread the love of Jesus Christ. I would not trade it for the world, but as you know it is not easy work. At the LeaderCare retreat, I am refilled for that mission in a very unique way. Nowhere else will you be in true fellowship...a fellowship with people that share your unique struggles as a caretaker of your family, church, and congregation. Nowhere else will you be ministered to so fully. Nowhere else will you desire to be when your own cup is running empty. Who ministers to the minister? LeaderCare.”

– Jason, IA

“I went to the Leader Care Retreat on relational formation at Riverside Bible Camp near Story City Iowa last May. I had just completed my third year serving a congregation in western Iowa, which means I started this call in the height of the developing national pandemonium of pandemic. I was very close to burn-out. I thought, “Was going back into pastoral ministry a huge mistake?” I came to the retreat simply because it was a “spiritual retreat,” something I had never experienced before. I just knew I needed rebuilding and restoration. I needed to be away. I needed to be with Jesus.

It is difficult to find the words to describe how personally and powerfully present the Lord was with me at the retreat without going into great personal details. The singular word that comes to mind when I reflect on the retreat is – “filled.” I was filled with love from the Lord through the leaders, staff, and other retreaters. I was filled with hope, energy, enthusiasm, plans, goals…. peace. The Lord spoke to me often and with clarity, once through a new friend passing something the Lord gave her, when others prayed over me, during worship, during times of solitude, in the sessions. It really was a profound and perfectly timed experience of renewal.

I am convinced by my experience - this initiative, these retreats are vitally needed not just for my well-being and that of church leaders generally, but for powerfully strategic Kingdom multiplication and advancement. I decided before the retreat was even over – “DAN, you have got to go back for the other two retreats that flesh out the full spectrum of this initiative.” I am eagerly anticipating the next instalment in this series of three retreats.”

– Dan, IA

Upcoming Retreats

Save the date for these upcoming LeaderCare retreats:

Details are currently being finalized for these retreats.  Please check the LCMC calendar this fall or contact district leaders for more information.