Calling All Church Planters!

If your congregation has formed over the last 5-years, or is in some process of being developed, please consider joining us for our Third Annual New Ministry Workshop from October 9-10, 2013 at the Adoba Hotel in Dearborn, MI. 
The event will be hosted by Rev. Dan Clites, Coordinator for New Ministry Development for LCMC.  Dan planted and led Rejoice! Lutheran Church in Northfield-Dundas, Minnesota for 10-years.

By coming together for this workshop, we hope to discern how we, as an association, can best support, encourage, develop and build-up the new ministries we currently have.  In addition, we desire to practice biblical principles and paradigms so we can plant and develop new church starts as a primary means of evangelism and discipleship.  We also hope to discover what resources might be most helpful for both the congregation and its leadership and to help build-up our New Ministries Network on the solid rock of the Great Commission.
There is no cost to take part in this two-day workshop, but please register in advance if you plan on attending.  
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