Annual Gathering Meal Packaging Project

October 7, 2014

One of the things that we are hoping to do at our Annual Gathering in Des Moines, IA is a service project! 

Meals from the Heartland is an agency that organizes people to package meals to send all around the world, as well as to areas here in the U.S.  You have maybe seen this happen, or even helped to do so in your area.  These efforts are also known as Kids Against Hunger, Feed My Starving Children, and others.

Our hope is to get 1,000 people to package meals on Tuesday night during our gathering.  If we can do this, we could package 400,000 meals together in two hours. 

To purchase the supplies, the packaging, and to pay for shipping will require about $80,000 to be raised, so we are asking each congregation to begin now to set aside funds in order to bring an offering to make all of this happen.  With 706 congregations in the US, this comes only to about $115 from each church.  Again, some of us can do more, some not as much, but we can all do something to help feed the world’s hungry.